The Success (lack of) The ACC Makes Case for Boise State and The Non AQ’s

One would think that the NCAA in its infinite wisdom, this wonderful group that created the BCS system with its combination of computer models and coaching polls to determine who is the top 25 in the land, could figure out that the ACC is not a very good football conference.  In fact, I will argue that the ACC’s record in BCS bowls (2-11) is bad enough that they should be stripped of their BCS status.  Boise State or Nevada could have done equal to or better than the performance of Virginia Tech given a comparison of the rankings-Boise State is #10 and Nevada is #15.

 Tech was competitive in the first half only because of the Herculean effort of its quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, who made Houdini look like an average escape artist.  Taylor’s 3rd and 20 scramble that nearly netted a first down is one of the most impressive runs I have seen in many years.  It was like watching Barry Sanders at quarterback.  However, even Taylor couldn’t do enough to stop the onslaught that began in the second half.

Even though the ACC is currently 4-4 in bowl games this season, some of the wins are not strong victories for the conference.  Georgia Tech’s powerful offense got stymied by Air Force, NC State played an impotent WVU offense but managed to win, Maryland beat ECU(6-7), and UNC escaped bad coaching in the last-minute to survive 6-6 Tennessee.

I don’t mean to just pick on the ACC because the Big Ten this year has been horrible in its bowl games (currently 2-5).  Both Michigan and Michigan State got shellacked (with respect to the President’s mid-term election results).  Penn State lost along with Northwestern and 2011 power Wisconsin who lost to TCU (#3 ranked Non AQ). 

So, lets look at the overall picture now.  The BCS is a joke.  The Big Ten and ACC are incredibly overrated and the non BCS conference teams who have consistently ranked high the last couple of years are there again (TCU, Boise, Utah, Nevada) As an additional insult, Utah was forced to play Boise State and lost and that loss snapped a nine game bowl winning streak that includes a big victory over Alabama two years ago. 

If anything can be determined from this it is that parity has arrived in the FCS.  There is no other answer.  A lot of people like to say that “this conference is down”, or “this team is decimated by injuries”, or whatever other excuse they can come up with but the fact is that they all get the same amount of scholarships and everyone starts 0-0.  What this has also proved is that coaching is the dominant force in this sport and having a dominant quarterback is a close second.  Schemes have to match personnel and when they do players can be competitive and have a chance to win games.  Chris Peterson is one hell of a coach and so is Gary Patterson.  These guys are every bit the coach Urban Meyer is except Meyer got his shot at one of the biggest BCS schools in the country and he took full advantage of it.  It is time to do away with the BCS. 

The only solution to all of this mess is a playoff.  It is time.


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