Sometimes People Are Just Crazy

We have throughout our nation’s history, had some incredibly disturbed people do horrible acts of violence and we have seen some of these disturbed individuals attack and kill people who have volunteered to serve our country.   The assassinations of Presidents Lincoln, McKinley, and Kennedy are three acts of murder on our country’s leaders that have shocked and horrified our country and their assailants have all been disturbed individuals. 

Sometimes the reason people commit these horrible acts are easily deciphered but sometimes there is no reason.  Some people are crazy and sociopathic and there is no law or regulation that can stop them from being that way.  Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, John Hinckley Jr.  are three who come to mind and there are thousands more sitting in our prisons who would fit this description.  Jared Lee Loughner is a sociopath who turned down a path that he wasn’t coming back from and this path put him in front of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords last Saturday.  The end result was a horrific act of violence that has again scarred the country.

What is critical now is that the country realize that this act was the act of a depraved individual and not caused by the political discourse that takes place in our country.  This discourse has been going on since before the writing and ratification of the Constitution and is a permanent part of the political process.  If it were so pervasive as an influence on our society, Loughner’s act would be commonplace.  It is not because normal people understand that this type of act is truly heinous and goes against both the laws and morals of our country.  Jared Lee Loughner is crazy. Period. 

We have to be on guard as people because even though many Americans have turned to the government for their economic safety, there is no way the government can keep all of us physically safe and we still exist as free people. 

Living in a free society offers the opportunity to aspire to one’s goals.  The downside to it is that it allows a free person like Loughner to blend into the woodwork, appear odd and disassociated, and then commit an incredibly violent attack.  The end result of his action is true devastation to the victims and to their families, and to our country it leaves a mark that will live on as an infamous act in our nation’s permanent history.  Politics will be played and there will be a movement to try to stifle our liberties as free people and to attempt to regulate our activity so that this doesn’t happen again.

  As free people we must resist this movement and not allow it to happen.  We must communicate with our elected leaders and let them know what we think of issues because that is the basic premise for our country. 

  Our country has been through many horrible things and will go through many horrible more, but nothing we face will be strong enough to allow our government to try to regulate another aspect of our lives and more importantly our actions.  To do so, minimizes and overshadows the attempts of our elected volunteers to have an impact in our lives.  Representative Gifford’s “Congress On Your Corner” event she was hosting was an honorable act by her to be a true representative of her district and of her constituents.  This shouldn’t be lost on us.


One thought on “Sometimes People Are Just Crazy

  1. All the political posturing in the wake of this horrible tragedy just smells foul to me. Whose fault? the right?…the left?…Sarah Palin? It’s ridiculous. That psycho, aka Jared Loughner, should have been in an institution a long time ago. He is to blame but it is nature’s fault…some people really are just nuts.

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