Philly Quarterback Controversy Is Based In Philosophy

The fact that Kevin Kolb has asked for a trade should be no surprise to Eagles Fans.   It was inevitable.  Drafted as the heir apparent to Donovan McNabb and then put into that role, Kolb played admirably until getting a concussion early in Week 1 against the Green  Bay Packers.  He immediately lost his job which goes against the unwritten rule of not losing one’s job to injury.  This was going to happen sooner than later and for Kolb it unfortunately happened during his first game as the new leader of the team.  Regardless of what the injury was, Kolb wasn’t going to stand a chance for the rest of the season in Coach Andy Reid’s offense.  The offense is not designed for a pocket passer. 

That is why the Eagles signed Michael Vick.  It was their intention that he play all along because Vick’s athletic ability is the key to Andy Reid’s offense.  The Eagle’s offense is predicated on pass first and this is borne out by the fact that they pass over 57% of the time.  That statistic doesn’t tell the whole story.  LeSean McCoy ran for 1080 yards but Vick had 676.  What is not shown in the statistic is that many of the yards Vick gained were on busted plays meaning that the opposing defense doesn’t honor the Eagle’s committment to the run and that the percentage of passing plays is actually higher than the year end statistic.  Kolb would have gone out sooner or later with an injury just because he is not as elusive as Vick. 

This is the fallacy of the Eagles offense.  The pass sets up the run some of the pundits say.  Hogwash.  The Eagles will not win a Super Bowl until they commit to the run.  Which means they will not win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid at the helm.  He believes too much in the pass and everyone knows it.  Vick’s rise was a necessity for the Eagles to be competitive because their offensive line is at a disadvantage.  Opposing defenses don’t prepare to stop McCoy, they plan to stop Vick and when he runs into a great defense, he looks like an average quarterback.  Chicago stuffed him, and Green Bay stuffed him twice.

If you can’t run the ball, you better have a mobile quarterback if you want him to make it through the season.


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