What Will Be Sarah Palin’s Role in 2012

As the national newspapers begin their ponderings on who will be the GOP presidential candidate in 2012, it is apparent that at this time there is no potential candidate, outside of the not running New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, that could be a rallying point for all the factions within the Republican Party.  Regardless of who emerges to take on President Obama, that individual will have to go through Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.  If they make it, they will need her support to win the White House.  Governor Palin may mean a lot of things to a lot of people, depending on what political side you are on, but she is 100% American.

She is the anti-NOW woman and is despised by the liberal left because she is everything that feminism stands for except for her not being liberal.  If she were a liberal political figure, she would dominate the political debate, but she was not cut from that mold. As a result, she has had a permanent political bullseye attached to her that will never go away. 

So, what will be her role as the nomination process unfolds?  I personally don’t think she will gain the nomination if she runs but she will shape the debate and be incredibly influential in the platform that is moved forward.  She has incredible clout now within the conservative right and is the unofficial face of the Tea Party movement.  She is a polarizing figure, which means she has the attention of all sides of the political debate, and last November, her influence came to the fore with the sweeping election victories she helped guide.  The Tea Party now has a caucus which means that finally, there is a movement within the halls of Congress that is truly representing the will of the people.  Much of this success by conservatives can be traced back to her efforts. 

She has become the Matriarch of the conservative movement and the impact of this will be huge as the Republican Party begins its nomination process because the Republican candidates are going to have to get her consent, or acceptance, if they are going to have a true shot at the nomination.  I think the logic is straightforward.  She may not be liked by all, and I am sure there are many establishment conservatives who would prefer to have her go away, but she isn’t. She stated this the other day during her interview on Hannity on the Fox News Channel.  To paraphrase, she basically stated that she is not going to stop speaking her mind and will not bow down to the liberal media and liberal left pressure that they try to exert on her on a daily basis. 

Good for her. 

She is in a position to say things that the majority of Americans feel are true and because of this, she has created a niche for herself inside the conservative movement.  She can choose who she feels best represents her and in turn best represents the interests of America.  This was a large emphasis of her PAC.  The map with the crosshairs on it was nothing but her identifying areas that she felt the conservatives could challenge to gain more representation in Congress.  She can be considered the mother of this movement because like a mother involved in PTA or Little League, they are going to be interested in analyzing and deciding what is best for the kids she is responsible for.  I believe she realizes this situation and has chosen to spearhead these efforts to try and analyze the candidates and choose to support the one she feels best represents her interests and the countries. 

I personally feel we should be thankful for her choosing to do this.  I live in only one state and my vote is no good anywhere else, but she tirelessly travels the country finding candidates who are aligned with the way I and millions of other people think.


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