Arab Crisis Directly Reflects Weak Foreign Policy

As a Presidential candidate, Barack Obama traveled this country and other countries (Germany in particular) presenting himself as the type of leader who will be able to get people to understand his point of view and join him in his world vision.  There was no way one man could even match the anticipated hype that was generated by his oratorical skills, but the President has come to the realization since the mid-term elections that the majority of the country is not going to stand for Progressive politics and Progressive thinking from the White House. 

So, we begin to see the paradox that is President Obama.  He believes dearly in his words and in his Progressive vision for the United States as it relates to the Progressive movement’s grab for power in our country.  The problem is that for 200 years, the United States has not based its Foreign Policy on Progressive politics; it has done quite the opposite by promoting  freedom wherever it has been.  Now the President is faced with having to choose a side as the Muslim world he is deeply connected to begins to fall apart from some of the same issues that are hurting the United States. 

The United States has long been the last hope of freedom for those in the world who were not born in this country or in a position where they would have access to it.  Many of them live in countries such as Egypt where the only government they know is the rule of one man and that rule cannot translate into consistent governance no matter how good the man at the beginning of his reign.  Power over other people is an intoxicating drug for despots and rulers and within this theme lies President Obama’s self-made snare.   Progressives want power over others.  By another name they have been called Communists (total power) or Socialists (primarily economic power), depending on the level of control, but our country was founded by people who wanted nothing to do with this form of government.  The early settlers lived under the rule of one man, the King of England, whose way of ruling was enough to drive these people from family and a way of life. 

Now we have Egyptians in the street clamoring for the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s reign as “President”.  He has not been a President but an Autocratic Dictator.  He may appear to be a moderate Muslim leading a Muslim country and he knew that as long as he held to this image, he would be the recipient of a substantial amount of financial support from the United States Government.  This has been the case for the last thirty years.  Now, with high youth unemployment (87.5 of the unemployed in Egypt are between 15 and 29 years of age as of February 2010) and inflation in 2010 reaching 18.3 %, the President of the older generation has nothing to offer the youth of the next generation and they don’t like it.  In 2010, Egyptian unemployment mirrored the United States at 9.4%.   

Different from the protests in England where college age misfits were protesting a tuition hike (welcome to the really world nanny staters), the youth in Cairo are protesting their way of life.  There is a tremendous difference between the two, but we begin to see the problems with the way the global economy is shaping up.  The search for cheap labor and less regulation is driving companies to China and India and leaving established nations with nothing to offer their youth when they are ready to enter the workforce. 

Today’s Progressive will say that is a result of greedy capitalism, but our steel companies and textile companies wouldn’t have left if the government hadn’t made it easy for them to leave with our current regulatory environment. 

This leads us to the problem with President Obama’s foreign policy.  It is not rooted in the United States economy.  As long as the United States economy was clicking along, the world economy was safe because the United States is a user economy.  The United States economy was the leverage card used by past presidents in their foreign policy.  Hosni Mubarak was one of the global rulers who needed the aid the United States gave him.  Any past United States Army soldier can recognize the M1 tanks rolling into Cairo.  That is the United States Foreign Policy at work.  Very imperfect, but very effective as long as the economy wasn’t stumbling, and very good to those who support our Foreign Policy excursions.   The Mubarak government can directly relate to this as the United States forgave around 20 billion in debt for their involvement in the Persian Gulf Conflict.

Let’s take a history walk.  In the past thirty years, the three Presidents who fared the worst at Foreign Policy were (drum roll please) Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Why?  All were progressives who tried to change the way the United States economy works when they shouldn’t have.  The result was a weaker United States economy and a weaker Foreign Policy as a result.  When one adds arrogance and ignorance from these Administrations to the mix, we begin to see the problems the United States has when a Progressive is in charge.  Our country is not about Socialism or union based Communism that the Obama Administration is trying to push through.  Our country is about standing up for those who can’t protect themselves and kicking the crap out of those who try to rule with an iron fist or impact our way of life.

There is a reason a large portion of the world looks to us.  We are earthly salvation to them because we will step in and stop the madness but we are very effective when our economy is rolling and allowing others to do the same.  The President needs to get this right.  Whatever route they choose, they need to back up their actions and words.  We have fought too long and hard and bled too much to lose our ground in the Middle East. 

 We are weakened more by the Administration’s foolish spending binge to protect their union buddies and the vote in 2012 as the world watches the Obama Administration fight for government programs and not for jobs.  Progressive Economics (redistribution) doesn’t create jobs-just act England.  We are losing credibility by the minute.

But here we are in 2011 with high unemployment amongst our youth.  The government has allowed their jobs to go overseas, or to Mexico, and our guest worker program doesn’t run that way (unless they want our young workers to go to Mexico and get caught up in our next Foreign Policy Issue-the drug war).  We have a real mess on our hands and the Administration needs to get its act straight and grease the Foreign Policy wheel by getting his personal feelings about our country out of the way and putting people back to work.  Let’s see if he can solve his own paradoxical self.


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