Governor Romney Needs To Lay RomneyCare Down

I watched the speech that Governor Romney made at CPAC the other day.  As usual, the Governor looked very Presidential, talked very Presidential and made a very nice speech.  What struck me was the content of the speech.  It was a great speech for throwing red meat out to the very conservative crowd who responded to his comments and verbal shots at the current administration, but the speech lacked any substance.  

What we have seen in the news and in the blogosphere is that the current administration has brought out the craving in the public for specifics.  President Obama has for the past two years talked in generalities and falsehoods and the American public has had enough.  America has had enough of the vague and wants to know the facts. 

This is Governor Romney’s task.  He has to come out with a message that is focused on the primary needs of the country and addresses how he will deal with situations as they arise.  Washington Spending, the Debt, Obamacare, Jobs, the Middle East and Israel as a combined topic, increased regulations, unemployment, monstrous government bureaucracy, etc, etc..  

I think what the Governor needs to do is to give a series of speeches addressing his platform and his first speech has to be him separating himself from Massachusetts RomneyCare.  He can argue all he wants about how they built-in spending controls and had agreement from all political players involved, the fact is if he is going to be considered a serious Presidential Candidate, he has to part ways with this legislation because the federal version enacted by the Democrats was and is the impetus for this anti government push that has hit the country. 

If he doesn’t separate himself, he will not be able to get through the primary. 

His approach should be simple, and to the point.  “We tried to establish a system that would provide all people with the necessary health care to raise healthy families and live long healthy lives.  We even went as far as to create a hybrid system of public and private partnerships to try to include some market aspects to it.  It has not worked and it cannot work and I will repeal Obamacare if elected President.”  Say it and move on and every answer to the question should be, it doesn’t and can’t work and needs to be repealed.  If in a debate with President Obama, that response would be perfect.

“Mr. President, I have tried it and it doesn’t work!”  Been there, done that. 

He doesn’t seem to be showing signs of doing that.  In an interview with George Stephanopolus, Governor Romney would not apologize for the legislation.  I don’t know anyone looking for an apology; what the American public wants to hear is that he tried and it didn’t work. 

I believe that if Governor Romney can admit the mistake and move towards repeal, then the country will back him.  Outside of Mitch Daniels, if he runs, there will not be a smarter mind on the economy in the hunt, so the Governor has an edge, but he needs to lay out his platform in a thoughtful, strong, tone and prove that he is willing and capable of leading the country.  He needs to lay RomneyCare to bed-permanently.


2 thoughts on “Governor Romney Needs To Lay RomneyCare Down

  1. While I do agree with you that ObamaCare will be a complete disaster, I don’t agree that Mitt Romney should repeal his healthcare bill. Two-thirds of adults in Massachusetts support the law, and 88% say that it either improved or didn’t affect the quality of healthcare ( I know I pretty much quoted that word-for-word, but I’m not looking to write a whole article here.

    As far as I can tell, the bill did work. However, this was implemented at a state level. The federal govt. has shown with Medicare and Medicaid that it is incapable of dealing with the country’s healthcare. If states want to try it, they should feel free to. It doesn’t violate the Constitution like a federal law so blatantly would.

    If you’ve got any reason to believe that Romney’s system doesn’t work then I’d love to see it, but I don’t think that he should repeal a law that so many of his constituents are happy with for political gain. I think that could hurt him much more than keeping it in place.

    Also, I am well aware that I do not know very much about what I’m talking about. My request for proof of RomneyCare’s failure is genuine, I’m not trying to sound like an asshole.

    • Thanks for the reply. I agree that on the federal level it will be a disaster as I wrote but if individual states want to make a run at it, that is up to them. My position was really one for Governor Romney on the national level. I voted for him in 2008 and felt like he got stabbed in the back by John McCain and Governor Huckabee in the West Virginia primary. I think he has the insight to guide the country in the position it is right now, I just feel that if Governor Romney doesn’t repudiate the Massachussetts law it at the national level, and he has said that he will repeal it and issue an executive order on his first day exempting every state, then he leaves himself wide open for criticism during the primaries, and then the general, should he win the nomination. During the New Hampshire Republican debate he came very close to saying so when he asked why the President didn’t call him to find out what worked and what didn’t with the Massachussetts bill. Everyone does now have coverage in Massachussetts but the cost of healthcare has spiked and is costing the state more than they thought.

      My gut feeling tells me that people want to vote for him but he has to prove to the Tea Party that he will hold their line. If he does that, he will win the nomination and I believe be the next President. I feel he just needs to fine tune his message a little.

      I had comment from an old friend on Facebook who said that we need to have nationalized healthcare. My comment to him was that we already have it in Medicare and Medicaid and your comment is correct in that the Federal Government has proved it is “incapable” in managing both programs.

      Thanks again. I look forward to some more conversation.

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