Hard Union Push Will Destroy Democratic Party

Over the past four years, the United States taxpayer has seen an explosion of non-discretionary spending in Washington D.C.   From the TARP to the Stimulus, the amount of spending had ballooned under a liberal house of representative leadership that began in 2006 (and fortunately ended in 2010) and was ramped up with the election of Barack Obama in 2008.  His big government push has been incredible and it is taking its toll on the United States economy and the people who are paying the bills. 

Now we have been witnessing an ideological battle along the same lines in Madison, Wisconsin.  The difference is that the newly elected Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is challenging the status quo and has drawn a line in the sand over the budget shortfall, and in particular, the collective bargaining ability of state union workers. 

The unions see this as an attack on the unions, and the taxpayers of Wisconsin who foot the bill for all the state employee benefits see this as an elected politician doing his job and fulfilling their wishes.  The Republican party won the statehouse and legislative houses in Wisconsin in last year’s elections and have passed a bill that calls for the union employees to pay more into their health care benefits and their pensions to close the budget short fall of over 130 million dollars. 

Early in the contest, the unions  were defiant and took the sides that the Governor was in it to ruin them.  I think this is partly true.  I believe the governor is using the legislative powers of the state to remove power not from the union employees but from the people running the union.  The end of collective bargaining in the state would mean the end of negotiating a ton of money to contribute to the Democratic Party.

The Unions would still have negotiating rights but they would be on an individual union basis just like a private business.  A union can only gain from a negotiation what a company is willing to concede to it and the collective bargain process allows for multiple companies or agencies to come together to argue as one.  That is what has everyone up in arms.  The unions would have no centralized power if their collective bargaining ability goes away. 

The sad side to this process has two parts in my mind.  First, is that the Democratic Party will take a beating so badly that it will resonate throughout the country and the party will be lessened.  They have already shown that their party has been hijacked by liberals, unions, and communists-all for the nation to see; it also shows that our culture has reached a level bitterness and selfishness not expected in today’s society.  President Obama came to the White House under the promise of a post partisan world and that all would be well under his watch.  Our country has become more divided under his Presidency as he has presided over an economy that has failed to produce work, and a foreign policy that is sitting on the sidelines watching the world descend into chaos.  All this and the White House has nothing to say or to offer.

Senate Democrats in Washington, showing no leadership,  have said they will support the President’s budget which is being ridiculed by all.  Senate Democrats in Wisconsin have followed suit and have fled the state showing an incredible lack of leadership but exposing the liberal hypocrisy at its finest.  They (the Democrats) can ram through a national health care bill behind closed doors and with no offerings allowed by the other side, but when the tide is turned, they do not even have the guts to stand and fight.   Instead they ran and have allowed the unions themselves to try to create a solution. 

Talk about wagging the dog. 

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by all that is anti-freedom to people who believe in the founding truths of our country.  The price they will pay will be a big one.  The country is watching and they are not feeling a lot of pity right now. 

Governor Walker is showing leadership for his state.  The Democrats who always cry foul about one-sided politics have a chance to get back in the game and save face.  I don’t see that happening. 

The Democratic Party will pay the price.


2 thoughts on “Hard Union Push Will Destroy Democratic Party

  1. Unless I’m missing something this is how the epitaph reads from my peephole….”On a frigid winter day in 2011, driven by greed and aided by fake doctors notes, union teacher drones and other loafers joined in an illegal strike for one final struggle to fight for exclusion from accountability and free ride benefits while maintaining their union mandated break schedule.”

    What’s up with those Dem state legislators not showing up to vote? Throw the bums out!

    • This is “convenient government” on display. It also clearly displays how much sway the Unions have within the Democratic Party. I would not be surprised to see some of these union employees fired before this is over. The American public has really had enough of this entitlement mentality. Many of these protesters have forgotten the value of a job; they need to talk to some of the millions of unemployed who are scrambling right now.

      There is a move within the Tea Party to recall two of the Democratic Senators election wins. This one is the epicenter of this battle. If the Governor holds on and wins, this movement to stop the unions and hold the employees accountable will move through the statehouses like “_ _ _ _ through a goose”

      We have to right this as a country in order to survive.

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