Sports Salaries Represent United States’ Loss of Reality

Financial reality has left the world of big time sports in the past couple of years. For the country,  it really went south a long time ago.  

In 1976, on February 4th, Federal Judge John W. Oliver upheld the decision made by independent arbitrator Peter Seitz regarding baseball players Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally that ended the Reserve Clause in Major League Baseball and ushered in modern-day free agency.  

Salaries in baseball have exploded since then and the other day I was listening to a popular Morning Show on ESPN radio when I heard someone mention Carl Crawford’s salary deal with the Boston Red Sox that took place last year. 

Crawford signed for seven years and  $142,000,000.  One hundred forty-two million dollars.

This for a guy who admits he has never hit 20 home runs in a season.

His statistics last year were the following:  Batting Average:  .307      HR: 19     RBI   90       ON Base %  .356   Slugging %  .495.  

? What are we doing? What have we become as a country?

This is where we are.  We have become modern-day Rome and we pay gluttonous amounts of dollars to see the gladiators in the Coliseum.  All this while, the NFL faces a lockout because they can’t agree on how to share approximately $9 billion dollars in annual revenue.    All this while, Legislators in Wisconsin leave the state and disavow  their legislative obligations to their constituents.  While Public Union workers fight for taxpayers to continue to pay for the bulk of their pensions while they preside over a 49% graduation rate for African-Americans, 54% graduation rate for Hispanics and a 55% graduation rate for Native Americans.  Aren’t these the people supporting the Democratic leaders who have fled?  Why aren’t the parents chasing them down instead of the State Police?

All this while we can’t afford to close our border;  all this while we can’t feed and clothe our homeless in this country.  All this while our government has presided over 52 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.  All this while we have a President who has done nothing but preside over the most spending in government history and the sorriest Foreign Policy in history.  The Middle East is blowing up and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood spoke last week how the United States is weak right now.  All this while gas is over $4.00 a gallon in California and rising rapidly across the country.

The Census stated in 2009 that the household median income was just shy of $52,000 nationwide.  For a single household bringing in that amount, they would have to work 2,614 years to equal Carl Crawford’s guaranteed salary.

The inequality gap has been here for a long time and I am not against someone making what some idiot will pay them to hit 19 home runs.  I am against the total lack of reality that has swept our nation.  By 2012 we will have almost 40% of our corn being grown to fuel less efficient engines because it is “GREEN”.  Whatever. 

Rome is burning and the rest of the world is watching it take place.  Nero has moved to the White House and is presiding over the downward slide of our freedoms all the while eager to give strength to the unions and communists who rallied communities for his election.   

We need a Governor Christie or a Governor Walker in the White House.  We need someone with some guts to make the right calls and to tell people they are out of their mind.  We need someone to step forward and layout a path back to sanity.


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