How Far Is The President Willing To Go To Stabilize Mideast?

Not very far.  In what is becoming a regular non move, the Obama Administration once again takes a tough stance verbally but backs that talk up with no action whatsoever.  In a series of disturbing happenings, beginning with Defense Secretary Gates publicly questioning his former bosses’ Middle East Policy at a speech at West Point, to the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stating to the world that the United States should not lead on any action taken in Libya, firmly cements the Obama Administration as isolationist and not willing to take a stand for anything but the further implementation of socialism and its principles in American culture. 

In Libya, just as in Egypt, the President has both said and done nothing.  The Administration, along with Germany, has blocked a no fly zone sought after by Great Britain and France and as result has allowed for the slaughter of the rebel groups within the country who have risen up to try to ouster Gaddafi.  In what I believe to be a true showing of hypocrisy, the President went to Egypt and positioned himself as a friend to the Middle East, and yet when the Middle East is falling apart, the President cannot make a decision.  We are bearing witness now, minus any intervention, to a situation that parallels Saddam Hussein’s suppression of the Shia’s in Southern Iraq and the Kurds in northern Iraq at the end of the Persian Gulf Conflict in early 1991.  Shia Muslims took up arms and ran government forces out of southern Iraq before being subjected to brutal suppression by Saddam Hussein.  A similar action took place in the north and displaced over 1,000,000 Kurds.  During this time, the United States and the Coalition did not intervene militarily but did set up a no fly zone.  The no fly zone did not hold back the savagery that took place in the south or in the north.

Military operations that are based on the power of an Air Force only are only as effective as they can stop troop movement on the ground and if faced with Anti Aircraft systems, they have to engage these systems in order to operate.  As a result,  ground taken cannot be held by air strength.  It takes boots on the ground and a force strong enough to withstand a mechanized counter-offensive.  The installation of a no fly zone in Libya would be effective if they engaged Libyan forces but there isn’t a single leader in the western world with the nerve to do that. NATO SITS IDLY BY

All the talk on the left about innocents getting hurt when President Bush invaded Iraq is moot now.  President Obama and Chancellor Merkel are sitting on the sideline while Gaddafi drops bombs and strafes people who want freedom from oppression.  Our current President is no leader and like many on the left, he doesn’t have the courage to back up his rhetoric.  Where is this President’s multilateral support? Where is President Obama’s Coalition? It is non-existent because the Administration doesn’t care if the Middle East erupts and sends the United States economy in a tailspin.

The fear rising from all this inaction makes me wonder what would the President do if the uprising rolls into Saudi Arabia and gains momentum.  Is he willing to drop the 82 Airborne into the middle of it like Bush 41 did after the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait?  I think the American people need to see leadership from the White House and I don’t think I am alone in wondering  how far is the Administration willing to go to stabilize the Mideast? 

Right now I have to wonder if they would do anything at all.  They haven’t done anything to this point.


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