House GOP Needs Presidential Race To Start

There are a thousand theories going around about how the GOP lead House of Representatives is handling its new-found seat at the table.  My personal take so far is that it hasn’t gone so well.  The Republicans in Washington have always seemed to have the problem of being incapable or unwilling to force issues and votes on legislation that the country may very well need.  This is a problem the Democrats have never had and this fact is evident from the bad legislation that they have consistently passed for the last 50 years.  Obamacare is just the latest example of ignoring the will of the nation and passing laws that entrench the Democrats further into power and give them further control of the national purse strings. 

The Republicans have always listened to the polls and I think failed in getting their message out.  The Internet and blogs, political websites, and the like have changed this dynamic forever and the Republicans need to take advantage of the current situation. 

The problem is that they lack a leader.  Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor have talked a great deal but their message has been obfuscated by the media and by the Left.  The Presidential race for the White House in 2012 can change that.  The House seems to lack the ability to get the message out on a consistent basis but with Presidential Candidates ready to campaign, the House will have a platform to get the message out.  That platform will be the Republican Primary campaign and it needs to start in a hurry.  The conservative blogs, and conservatives in general,  are uneasy with the way the House Leadership is going about things in terms of rolling back spending and reducing the size and scope of the government among other issues.  It just isn’t happening at a pace expected by the electorate, but the campaign will allow the candidates to discuss, debate and promote the agenda that the House seems unable to get out to the public. 

I think it is unwise to place all the political eggs in the Paul Ryan budget basket but that appears to me to be the current plan and with unemployment still raging, a horrible housing market, Middle East unrest and the country fighting in two wars, just to name few items, the Paul Ryan budget initiative is not going to get the time it needs on all tv news channels.  Fox and the cable news channels will present their angles, but the news needs to get on the major networks and in front of people and presented by people who may be the next President. 

With baseball just getting going, and college basketball about to end, the country will be in sports vacuum for a while and it will be a great opportunity for the Presidential candidates to get out the word for the House Leadership.  Newt Gingrich has hinted that he will probably announce around the time of Congressman Paul Ryan bringing forth the budget.  His presence in the race will be a major boost for the GOP because he has the ability to articulate the message in a way that the layman can understand. 

It is going to be a big fight and the House needs the presidential race to provide it cover and support and if they will work in concert with each other they can gain the momentum across the country needed for a victory in 2012. 

 I am a believer that our system of government actually works better when it is divided because there is not one party rule. We are in that situation now and it has derailed the liberal/socialist push that was taking place.  The GOP needs a cogent message that it can keep on subject and promote against the agenda of the past four years of a Democratic House and Senate, and then one party rule since 2008.  It is also needs a verbal sparring match on the Presidential level. 

That will help to level out the playing field and put the White House on its heels.


3 thoughts on “House GOP Needs Presidential Race To Start

      • That works. But definitely Romney as a VP, not Pres. I just think he’d get crushed. We shall see.

        My thing with Newt is that, as of now, I think he would crush Obama in a debate.

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