A New Low For The Political Process

I think the average person wants a bit of fairness in their life.  I also think that people want to see others treated fairly as well.  We don’t like to see people taken advantage of and I will state now for the record that people who prey on children, the elderly, and the disabled should be dealt with harshly.  I believe most of us would consider these people criminals classified into one of many groups.  They might be pedophiles, or the occasional employee who abuses elderly people at a nursing home, or a criminal who robs or beats those who cannot fight back.  Never have I heard of this low-life class of individual being a political activist. 

Politics has always been an arena where combat with weapons was replaced with words.  It seems that words no longer can make the difference.  Deeds, in particular bad deeds, have become the norm with many voter fraud lawsuits filed in the past few election cycles.  If one goes to Bing and types in “voter fraud lawsuits”, no less than 3,260,000 hits come up, many of which I am sure are bogus, but every election now seems to have a multitude of dead people come back from the grave to vote. 

As I watched the news this evening, I watched a story come across about voter fraud.  It wasn’t about someone’s Grandpa coming back from the grave, nor was it another story of many about ACORN.  Sadly, it was about a Minnesota man who is mentally disabled.  He wasn’t born disabled, didn’t become sick, nor was he in a crash that caused a head injury.  His brain suffered severe oxygen deprivation when he was 12 years old because he jumped into a river to save the life of his drowning sister.  Minnesota Man Victim Of Voter Fraud

Last October at 35 years of age, Jim Stene was taken , along with other residents of his group home, to the County Auditor’s office where he cast an absentee ballot.  The lawsuit alleging voter fraud was filed on his behalf by his father who says that Jim is not competent enough to vote.  Jim thought he was voting for Gerald Ford.  Jim was one year old when Gerald Ford left the White House.

Our family has spent years around the mentally disabled.  There are many levels of disability when discussing the mentally impaired, but in my many years interacting with them, I never once considered anyone of them to be people who would consider voting.  In fact, I would venture to say that none of the mentally impaired adults I have come across would ever know what an absentee ballot is so to see an act like this take place goes way beyond the pale.  It is a clear manipulation and deception of those unable to understand the situation they are in.  Mr. Stene says in the interview that “they” told him who to vote for and he couldn’t recollect the name of the person he voted for. 

A resident of the town saw the people from the group home at the Auditors office, witnessed the action and he has filed a complaint.  He states in the article that the group home residents “had no idea what was going on” and his accusation says that the staff of the group home were “telling them who to vote for, actually using candidates’ names”. 

It takes a lot to offend me but this is one story that did. 

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Stene’s father claims that voter fraud took place.   I think the actions were much worse than that.  I wonder if someone will file a civil case against these creeps.   The sad part is that Mr. Stene is totally unaware.  That is what makes the nature of this action reprehensible. 

A new low.


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