A Real Dear John Letter

Dear John, it has recently come to my attention that you have returned to the organization that supported you during your wonderful career.  Although never a fan of your team, I was always a fan of yours and of your first coach Dan Reeves.  I remember watching “The Drive” live on TV with my Dad and oldest brother who are both long time  Browns fans.  It seemed as though their defense was standing still as you picked them apart while you expertly ran the two-minute drill.

I always enjoyed your leadership style.  Run when you had to, throw when you had too, check down when you had to as well.  What was most amazing was your desire to win and that with a nice cast around you, you guided your teams to three Super Bowls with Coach Reeves. Although, each attempt ended up with a loss, you brought about the best in your teammates, yourself and in your city.  When Coach Shanahan came in and brought a downhill running game to back you up, you were then able to guide your teammates to two Super Bowl victories.  Think what would have been if Coach Shanahan had never been hired-what would have been your legacy? 

Now you stand in a position where you are the one to evaluate your team’s first round draft pick last year-Tim Tebow.

Now he doesn’t have your arm, but you don’t have his two national championships either. 

You didn’t exactly act like a grown up coming out of college because you threw a fit and went to play baseball until you got your way. 

Young Mr. Tebow does missionary work, and has for years, and would have been happy if he had been signed as a free agent and wouldn’t have run home with his toys.  He would have shown up and given his best all the time to the team who took a chance on him.  Not suprisingly, when it was his time to step up and lead last year, he did just that.  He wasn’t perfect in his first three games but the comments coming out of the locker room substantiated everyone’s belief that he was a leader and that his teammates wanted to play hard for him. 

Statistically, lets compare rookie years.  Granted, you played 11 games and Young Mr. Tebow only played 3 but let’s have some fun anyway. 

Your rookie year, you played 11 games, had a completion percentage of 47.5 percent, had a 1-2 TD-INT ration (7-14) and your rookie passer rating was 54.9 (such an important statistic you know because your career passer rating was 79.9). 

Young Mr. Tebow started three games, had a passer completion percentage of 50%, passed for 5 TD’s and 3 INT, and had a passer rating of 82.1 percent (such and important statistic you know).  Let’s look a little deeper though because Young Mr. Tebow averaged 5.3 yards a rush (the highest on the team for anyone with more than 40 attempts).  He scored six rushing touchdowns (the most for anyone on the team with more than 40 attempts) and 12 of his forty three attempts went for a first down. 

All this talk about a weird throwing motion is a large pile of obfuscation.  Ken Stabler threw oddly and won a Super Bowl.  Brett Favre threw from any angle he needed to and won a Super Bowl.  Antwan Randle El through a pass for Young Ben Rothliesberger and helped the Steelers win a Super Bowl while Young Ben struggled that game.  Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with a great defense and now gets to analyze the NFL Quarterbacks.  I think you get my point. 

I’ll take Tim Tebow.  He wins.  He lives his life the right way.  He is a role model.  He is not dodging teams or complaining about what might be.  He is preparing himself now for the camps that are coming so he can compete and hopefully guide your team to more victories than they had last year.  I think if you spent more time putting a team around him by beefing up the defense and putting in a downhill running attack for him (play action was very effective for you your last two years), you might be surprised by how he does. 

I won’t be.  He is a winner.


2 thoughts on “A Real Dear John Letter

  1. I hope Tebow has some mojo working to overcome the Heisman jinx…especially for QB’s out of the state of Florida. I respect the kid’s character and leadership abilities and look forward to seeing him traded to the QB-less Cardinals.

    • I agree. I think he would be a great fit in a Coach Whisenhunt offense. He needs the run support to grow through and the receiver corps in Arizona is one of the best in the league.

      I think Elway sees Tebow against the backdrop of himself-someone more prototypical but that is an unfair look.

      Tebow runs better than Elway and that was one of his strengths as a quarterback. If he gets a real chance at learning how to play, he will win.

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