Gingrich Needs To Lead Not Teach

Every time I see Newt Gingrich on TV, I think to myself, there is a man who can be our next President and I do think that he should run.  He is intelligent, knows policy and all its procedures, and he is without equal in the political arena in regards to knowing how what has transpired in our history has had a major impact on where we are right now as a nation.  I have watched him and listened to people who have said to me he will be able to out debate President Obama.  That’s great but we don’t need another great orator as President.  We have that already, (at least one that is very good when he stays on script) and it has gotten us further down the rabbit hole because words without action are just words. 

I like Professor Gingrich, and I use that term to highlight the comparison that our current President was once Professor Obama. 

Just like this blog, both learned professors can say whatever they want and both know that people will hear the message they want to get across, agree or disagree, as long as they frame the discussion in a way that everyone understands.  I would really like to see that debate but again words are just words.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid consistently stands on the floor of the U.S. Senate and speaks words that many would wonder how they could come out of man of his stature’s mouth, but Senator Reid knows it doesn’t matter what he says on the floor it matters what he does.  I am no fan of the Nevada Senator because as much as he speaks of the need for Republicans to help him continue to institute his far left views, he doesn’t even abide by his own words on bipartisanship as he will on the drop off a dime close the door and do what he wants when he has the votes.  That is exactly what took place with the writing and passing of Obamacare.

Professor Gingrich should take notes.  His one and only claim to political fame is that he stared down President Clinton and shut down the government over the 1996 budget.  He didn’t blink and the Republicans did pick up more seats in the 1996 election, but President Clinton did get reelected because the Republicans were viewed as obstructionists with the voters and that may have inadvertently hurt Bob Dole.  Today, however, I wonder if Professor Gingrich would have the nerve to do what is needed to peel back this tidal wave of social justice happening before our eyes.  Should Professor Gingrich get elected he would have to summon the courage to go against the wind again and play hardball with Congress to get real long-term results.  He would have to repeal Obamacare, peel back all regulatory roadblocks put in place in the past two plus years, and immediately create a pro-business environment that would get people back to work and reverse this malaise that has crept over the country since 2008.  

He will also need to institute policy that will not allow agencies like the EPA to do the work of the Congress, close down a couple or three federal departments, and end the business of presidential czars. 

To do things like this is going to take action and not a good lesson plan or lecture.  It is going to take courage to stand up to friends and enemies and chart a path that is right, stand up to the media when the criticism starts, and most of all stand tall in front of the American People and the world and tell them in no uncertain terms that the American Exceptionalism he regularly talks and writes about is alive and well and then prove it with action.

To do all that will take Leadership.


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