Gingrich Compromises Self With Comments About Ryan Budget

After taking his sweet old time getting to his decision to run, it took former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich about 1 week to lose any conservative base he may have had.  The former Speaker took to the Sunday talk shows yesterday and inserted both his feet into himself and when he was done he no contortionist on Earth could repeat the position he had created. 

In an interview on Meet The Press, Gingrich stated that Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisconsin) budget deal was “right-wing social engineering” and officially presented himself as political roadkill when being considered for the Republican nomination.  Just over a month ago, Gingrich claimed that Paul Ryan’s budget would “define modern conservatism at a serious level”.  Yet, Gingrich proved what the majority of the country’s electorate thinks of everyone in Washington and that is they are all politicians and will say anything to try to appeal to a base to get votes.

Meet The Press leans left in its approach and anyone who pays attention to politics knows this to be true. During his interview with host David Gregory, Gingrich finally made it abundantly clear that although he has been out of Washington for more than a decade, he still thinks and acts like a Washington insider.  Over the past two years, Gingrich has come on Fox News and other channels and has presented himself as a philosophically deep thinker who can merge both sides together to find solutions for the country.  His American Solutions is a “unique tri-partisan” think tank for solutions that is supposed to rise above modern politics and yet a deep philosophical thinker like Gingrich gets it wrong right of the box. 

Put a fork in him. 

Radio Host Bill Bennet said Monday that Gingrich “has taken himself out of serious consideration for the (2012) race”.  Bennett also stated that the former speaker’s comments about Ryan’s budget were “an unforgivable mistake”.  Iowa voters have already reacted and the news is playing one confrontation with an Iowan who tells Gingrich to get out of the race before he makes a bigger fool of himself.  The video is shocking only in the facial expression on Gingrich’s face that to me showed a man who was both embarassed by the confrontation but also pained in that he knows he has killed his dream. 

I don’t feel sorry for him.  If a person of his magnitude doesn’t have the discipline to stay on message, he surely doesn’t have the discipline to be President.


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