Pundit’s Comment Highlights Nation’s Obama Fatigue


MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin called President Obama a d—! last week on TV for the way he acted during his press conference yesterday about the economy.  Halperin thought that a delay would be used to strike his comments from live TV but that didn’t happen.  After everyone on the set collectively tightened up, Halperin apologized to the President and he claims it was sincere.  That may be but it sure didn’t look like it to me because if you watch the clip on the Internet and then watch the apology, it would have taken Cal Lightman from Lie to Me to even tell if Halperin was telling the truth.  

It was interesting TV to watch but the ruckus being made about it I feel is derived from MSNBC’s over reaction to the incident with Halperin being suspended indefinitely.  I don’t think there is a moderate or conservative in the country who really cares what Halperin said.  I think most, if not all of them, have been thinking this thought since Obamacare was partisanly rammed down everyone’s throat. 

Let’s face it.  I think the country was intrigued by the President while he was running thinking that he could really be the person who could unite the country but what has transpired since his election has been an unbounding arrogance and elitism that has eminated from the White House.  The Congress passes legislation and the White House ignores it and governs by Executive Order.  The country says it doesn’t want government controlled health care, but the President and the Left give it to us anyway.

The President throws Israel under the bus right before a visit from Prime Minister Netanyahu, who goes in front of Congress and rebukes the President! 

And so on and so forth.  I think Halperin’s comment this morning directly reveals that the Left in the country is becoming weary of the President’s schtick.  Class warfare, condescencion to Legislators during the press conference (my daughters get their homework done), a failed Libya policy, an unprecedented number of Czars who are anti-American in their thoughts, and economical policy failures have us as a nation at a point wishing that the election for President was this November. 

For a left leaning analyst to call the President out on his behavior at the press conference, and that is what it was about, is remarkable because it highlights that the liberal left is also tiring of the act.

In a moment where he thought MSNBC had his back, Halperin spoke his mind.  In this day and age when a liberal says something like this, it is not without some background behind it. 

I think the Left is figuring out that their agenda may have come to an end unless the President gets re-elected.  The country is learning that Socialism doesn’t work and there is no way the President can get out of this one.  He is not a masterful politician like Bill Clinton; nor is he a leader like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.


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