Where The Rubber of Capitalism Meets the Road of Socialism and Globalism

For over a hundred years, there has been a push in this country to try and move this country to the left so that in the end we would resemble as a culture our European ancestors.  I believe firmly that for a long time, the powerful left has wanted to shape us into an oligarchy where the elite few would rule the many and they would live off of the many.  Our Founders knew that in time we would end up like Great Britain and would be under a tyrant that hides behind an elected set of leaders.  In the case of Great Britain, it would be the Parliament.  In the case of the United States, it would be the Congress.

Since before Woodrow Wilson, there has been a movement in this country to push us down a collective path.  This movement would over time use the Constitution against itself and rewrite the rules from within.  The attempt of collectivism has been tried many times throughout history, most notably with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that brought the world face to face with a growing superpower that had decided it was ready to govern through Marxist doctrine.  We know what happened.  The death of millions through so called collective farms, the failure of a great nation that was ruled by a few self appointed men who ruled with an iron fist.  The rise of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao were the great wave that would bring about Globalism and for the first time unite everyone.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come out that way.  Millions died under Stalins rule both before the war and in the aftermath of WWII in Siberia.  They printed their own money until it was worthless and people waited in line for hours for bread and toilet paper.

 Millions more died in China at the hand of Mao and Fascism’s assault on Europe so rocked the people that they have become unaware to threat and sit idly by as Islam again asserts itself in Europe. 

And while all this was going on, elements within our own government and population were sympathetic to the cause of collectivism.  Never mind hundreds of millions of people had been slaughtered under the guise of equality, it didn’t matter to those who felt the United States should join the cause.  The McCarthy scare of the 1950’s snapped much of the country from the hypnotic trance it had started to come under and men such as Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon realized that the United States would endure the same fate if Communism were to take hold at home and abroad.  So, for years the United States fought it at every turn and when the Soviet Union collapsed everyone thought it was over.  But what has emerged since seems to be a presence or a thought that the Soviets just didn’t get it right.  They were flawed, they went to far.  They should have stopped like Great Britain did and used the capitalist system as an ATM card to advance its causes and do just enough to keep the elected elite in power.

So, here we are. 14.5 trillion in debt, a country at odds with itself because its dependent class has become as large as the workers who support the indigent and lazy.  The Progressives in both parties have made a huge push over the past ten years to solidify their base and the Left put up their poster boy to run for President.  They marketed him as a black moderate who could appeal to all and no one would oppose lest they be racist.  He would be the one to finally set the system in place and things would be great for the elites and for the slack.  They would have all they wanted and adjust their lives according to the money that those in the country with a conscience earned while the workers plodded on in growing despair. 

But the two things they never thought about came to pass.  They spent too much money and in their zeal to set the table in their favor, they crashed the global economy. 

No problem they thought.  We will print our way out of it.  The Fed will print and lend our money around the world to prop up all the weak economies until our economic policies get us back on track. 

What?  We don’t manufacture anything any more? We can’t produce our way out of this?  What are we to do?

The Rubber of Capitalism has met the Road of Socialism and Globalism and it is putting giant tire tracks on its face. But what went wrong?  What went wrong is that the majority of those who desired to have it all don’t know what the reality of day to day living is like.  They don’t know how to work two jobs and skimp so that their kids get what they need while they do without.  They don’t know what high gas prices do to any family who gets by check to check.  They are unaware of life because they live in a bubble.  They think they have solved problems with the inane debt ceiling resolution only to watch what they said they were preventing happen anyway. Now we have inflation, regardless of what the Fed says, and we have a weak dollar and we have our first ever credit downgrade as a nation.  Blame the government-this time it is their fault.

You can’t take from those who get up and work their butts off and give it to those who refuse to work because they can make more gaming the system. 

You can’t educate kids to grow up into a society with no jobs because the goverment has given them all away in the name of saving the planet.

You can’t mortage someone else’s future for your personal gain in the present-it is immoral and people won’t put up with it but this is what has gone on aggressively for the past thirty years.

This is why the Tea Party has arrived and for those in power who think this is a passing fad need to buckle their seat belts because they are either going to get in the car going the way of limited government or they are going to get thrown out of the car while it speeds down the highway.  The elite class of this country has greatly misread the wave of distrust and disgust that permeate the working class of our country.   Helping out your neighbor is one thing but sitting idly by while people of all colors sit by and collect their checks for doing nothing is coming to an end.  I believe the pendulum has paused at the top of its arc and is getting ready to turn the other way.  It has to turn or else there will be riots across the globe. 

Greece was just the lead domino.  Italy is talking about a balanced budget amendment, the G7 says it is ready to get serious.  Britain is privatizing some of its healthcare system-Canada too. 

It is time to get back to figuring out what works and it surely isn’t socialism.  We cannot control all that happens on the globalism side of the equation, but we can take care of what happens inside our borders and we can replace all the idiots in Washington who don’t see it this way.   

 Socialism cannot exist without a growing economy, in particular a growing manufacturing base, but we are victims to our own technology.  Each generation of technology moves people farther away from a manufacturing future and deepens the void in our country and gives socialism less of a tax base to parasite from.  Our last chance is in an aggressive energy policy that puts all forms on the table.  We must also open up the agricultural sector our country again.  Instead of paying people not to farm, we need to promote farming and use this as a leading edge in a new foreign policy.  We have the answers here at home and we need to push the policies and push those out who will not push the policies in favor of others who will or else we will lose another generation.  Our education has to change.  This notion that everyone should go to college is crap.  Some people are not meant to go, but they are the ones who are meant to build the houses and buildings.  They are also the one who want to go deep in the mines to harvest coal even though it isn’t 100% safe but it is good money.  We have to give our people want they want.  To live life their way.  If they want to mine coal, let them do it.  If they want to farm.  Let them do it.  We have to set our education system to support our countries economic mission, not create a class of kids with college degrees they don’t use and probably never will. 

 Most Importantly, we have to keep the breaks on and continue to give socialism a road rash that it cannot recover from.


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