Straw Poll Voters Go For Bachmann

The Iowa Straw Poll today gave a Michele Bachmann’s campaign a boost with her win over Ron Paul.  Tim Pawlenty finished third and Rick Santorum came from nowhere to finish fourth.  As this blog has previously written, the winner of the Straw Poll has no guarantee of winning the Iowa Caucus nor do they have a lock on the Republican nomination. 

I think the big winners recognition wise are Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum.  Both have polled nationally under five percent yet both finish in the top 4 of the Iowa Poll which I think will give them both a boost and both have a vast amount of experience that dwarfs Congresswoman’s Bachmann’s experience in government.  I am not saying that is a good thing this year but there is a record of accomplishment for both Pawlenty and Santorum.  Bachmann has only been in Congress since 2006. 




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