Thursday’s Debate Results Highlight Impact of Media on Politics

The Republican Presidential Debate this past Thursday was supposed to highlight the candidates and their positions so potential voters could begin to see all the contrasting opinions between them along with who could actually be a decisive leader.  That is how I think it shaped out, but the media saw it differently and as usual, they promoted their choices for who won instead of objectively reporting how it shaped out. 

This is how I scored it:  Winner:  Tie between Senator Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty.  Second:  Newt Gingrich. 

Third Place would go to a tie between Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.  

Losers:  Michele Bachmann, and Jon Huntsmann, and Ron Paul.

Let’s right now put Ron Paul and Jon Huntsmann out to pasture.  Huntsmann is a moderate and dead in the water because of it.  Ron Paul, even though he may very well win the Iowa Straw Poll today, and I hope he does (because the winner in the last few elections has not won the nomination), proved himself unfit to be President Thursday night with his totally unrealistic stances on Foreign Policy.  Any candidate who doesn’t think Iran isn’t a serious threat to the United States and the Free World, needs to step aside and go play checkers or chess down at the park daily.  His responses were beyond incredulous and some were just asinine. 

Now here is how the media saw it.  Romney kept his lead because no one took any serious shots at him and when they did he was cool under the fire.  I think the Governor did well and I think he is still in the top-tier but he didn’t say anything he hasn’t said before. 

Bachmann.  The media spin is that Bachmann looked liked a fighter because she calmly stood up to Pawlenty’s attacks on her.  I think she stood her ground but she had no answer for the points that Governor Pawlenty was making.  He was not demeaning her abilities, but he has struck out a very sound contrast between her fights in Congress and the success she has had winning those fights.  That is unescapable fact.  Legislators don’t win battles, they are the soldiers on the line.  It is the Executive who get the credits for the wins and the hits from the losses.  This is the same in any area of competition. 

As a result of these pointed contrasts and by the strength of his performance, I feel that Pawlenty moved himself ahead of the pack, but the media saw him as lowering himself to engage in these attacks and that it would hurt him.  I like Michele Bachman, but she has no executive success in the political arena to lean on, but Governor Pawlenty has many and balanced Minnesota’s budget and did so while engaged with some fierce opposition.  Congresswoman Bachmann would be a solid vice presidential candidate as the Vice President is the one who is most engaged with legislators on the Hill. 

Newt Gingrich the other night came out firing and as usual, he has a tremendous amount of good ideas, but can his campaign get back on track and will the media give him a chance to succeed.  I don’t think they will.  I think they have already written him off and that is too bad although I hope I am wrong.  When Speaker Gingrich asserts himself and uses his incredible knowledge of history to explain his positions, he is unstoppable and would shame President Obama in a debate given the chance.  I just don’t think he will get the opportunity. 

I felt the other night that Rick Santorum proved himself capable of being in either position of the Republican ticket.  It is very obvious that he has the most thought out positions on topics and he is also the one candidate on the stage who could effectively govern morally given his background and his ability to assert morality into the prescient topics.  His legislative track record is an excellent one and reporter yesterday commented that his grassroots support in Iowa is strong.  I think if the media (mainly Fox) would give him some press time, I think he could challenge well.  His positions are so ideologically opposed to liberalism and socialism that he alone I think could position well against the liberal media and the left in the country.


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