The True Face Of a Liberal Idealogue

Today is a true day of remembrance in our country.  Today, we honor the loss of over three thousand lives spread over three attacks and one thwarted attack ten years ago on this very day.  We also bring in to thought the loved ones of those who were left behind.  The family of the workers, the passengers, and the first responders whose lives all ended during the attacks or as a result.  In the weeks that followed, there was an incredible surge of patriotism and nationalism that came about as the nation came to grips with the attack and because of how the leaders involved handled themselves and yet, on this solemn day ten years later, New York Times partisan and liberal idealogue, Paul Krugman, uses his column to take a cheap shot at former President Bush, former Mayor Guiliani and former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik and call them “fake heroes”.  This is the face of the liberal ideologue as it exists in our country today as the liberal left has no problem saying things that are categorically untrue and yet they expect everyone to take them at their word. 

Krugman cites that “many of the our professional pundits….took the easy way out, turning a blind eye to the corruption and lending their support to the hijacking of the atrocity?”  This is political cowardice on his part.  How easy it is to look down your nose at those who were in the crosshairs and second guess and try to remake history. 

House Joint Resolution 64 passed the House on September 14, 2001 420-1 with ten abstaining.  Senate Resolution 23 passed 98-0 with 2 voting present-both resolutions authorizing the use of force against all those involved in the attack.  So, in Krugman’s mind, all these votes are “turning a blind eye”.  I think in reality, these votes represent the anger of the elected officials at the attack, let us not forget that Flight 93 has been thought to have been heading towards the Capitol where Congress was in session.  I think also, that these votes represent the United States people as a whole, minus Krugman, who are willing to take a stand and fight for ourselves and for those around the world. 

I think the real issue is that Paul Krugman is an academic elitist who hates the fact that our country rose up and defended itself and through his column today he has shown his true disdain for the “fake heroes” he attacks.  This is the true face of a Liberal Idealogue-unwilling at all cost to be objective.  His choice to not let people comment on his post shows his true cowardice.  

Please link to the article below and forward to your friends.  Let them see what the left really thinks. 

Krugman link


4 thoughts on “The True Face Of a Liberal Idealogue

  1. Honestly, I think that President Bush and Mayor Guliani are not heroes in this instance, as they responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks with more terrorism. President Bush and his party expolited the situation to enact un-American laws such as the PATRIOT Act and committed acts that would be considered war crimes. I think the tragedy and the memory of the victims was abused by these cynical hypocrites.

    • Hey Jessica, thanks for the post. I agree that they were not heroes but I do believe they provided the necessary leadership to get us through the crisis and I believe Paul Krugman is wrong in his analysis of that. I will disagree with you about the actions after the attack. I think the war was and is necessary and that is probably a point we will never agree on but that is ok. That is why our country is as great as it is, civil people can enter into debate and disagree and move on. That is where we have failed in our societal politics. We have lost the ability to have discourse and we end up with mudslinging like we see now. There is plenty that President Bush did that I totally disagreed with him (No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drug Benefit, and his back door push on Immigration Reform are just a couple). We need people now who can communicate and do what is best for the people and our country and not for themselves.

  2. Leaders lead and the “intelligentsia” pundits write op-ed’s. I don’t remember people rallying behind Paul Krugman after 9/11. Nobody want’s to hear Krugman speak at a 9/11 memorial. What message could he possibly convey to victims familes that would bring them comfort 10 years later. It’s the same warbling diatribe from the left and people like Krugman. Now I’m curious to know who Paul Krugman’s heroes are. Pol Pot? Josef Megele?

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