Did The Real Mitt Romney Stand Up?

Tuesday Nights Republican Presidential Debate was a shoot out from the start.  I thought that I had stumbled on an old family reunion where aging family members were still angry over things said and done in high school.  Girlfriends stolen, promises broken, the whole gamut of issues, but what was interesting about the debate was that all the candidates were fighting over who has been the most conservative over time.  It really was must see TV. 

Throughout the fight however, one of the family members kept coming to center of all the issues and leading the charge to make the final point for all, much like the patriarch who would step in and tell everyone to cool their jets after having had too many beers. 

Mitt Romney began to lead.  I know the pundits today said it was a squabble fest and I know some have said that Gingrich won the debate-hell, Newt Gingrich has one every debate on substance as far as I am concerned but no one is going to vote for him during the primaries.  I have heard on radio and read on the internet until I have been blue in the face about how everyone is looking for the real conservative.  I don’t know that there is such a thing these days and I don’t think that person could stand up to the litany of demands from the Right, let alone the all out arrow assault from the Left.  I do know this though.  Mitt Romney is a different candidate now then when the debates started in South Carolina in May and after last night’s performance, he proved he can take quite a few arrows to the chest. 

Is he the perfect candidate? No, because the perfect candidate doesn’t exist because there are no perfect people in the world let alone the gladiator sport of politics.  No, he is not perfect but he is the only candidate to have stayed steady in the polls regardless of whether or not people are looking for the non-Romney candidate.  Maybe they are but that is the reason for the primary process.  All of the candidates have good positions and all of them have ideas that would move the country in the direction it needs to go and, combined and refined, their ideas would make one hell of a presidential platform to run on. 

As I watched last night, I was struck how Mitt Romney took it from all sides, gave it back, and still stayed in the moment.  Herman Cain had a frustrated look on his face when the machine gun fire was aimed at him, but Romney didn’t ruffle.  He basically told Rick Santorum to shut up, albeit politely, and he told Governor Perry that if he wanted to be President he needed to listen.  When he said that I laughed out loud at the comment but also because it reminded me of bosses I have had who have put me in my place for being petulant. 

Rick Perry went for Governor Romney’s kneecaps and whiffed.  When you have to resort to attacks from the last Presidential election process, you are struggling for material and Governor Perry had no answer.  He just stood there looking at him with that “oh well, there went this campaign” look on his face and I think his nomination chances flashed before him. 

I think the process has unfolded like this:  everyone has been conservative window shopping but no one who could win has shown up to take the microphone, but all the while, Mitt Romney has become a very serious candidate.  I voted for him in 2008 for full disclosure, but I have really been waiting like everyone else for someone else to show up.  I have thought that Santorum and Gingrich have been the best on substance and for conservatives from the start, even though Gingrich has a streak of group love in him, but they will get as many votes as Felix and Oscar would.  That’s ok.  They have been an important part of the puzzle so far and now this race is Romney’s to give away but I don’t think that will happen now.  He grabbed the microphone last night, put everyone in their place and began to look Presidential. 

There is still two and half months left before this kicks into high gear.  That is enough time to find out if the real Mitt Romney has finally stood up.


3 thoughts on “Did The Real Mitt Romney Stand Up?

  1. No doubt this really is must see TV. I’d like to see a lot more discussion on specific subjects and fewer 30 second I know you are but what am I retorts….sorry your time is up…but he said my name I get 30 seconds. I’d like to see a candidate first answer yes or no to a question before explaining the history of life on planet earth and the motivating factor for them running for office. These game show debates are setup for zingers and media clips with less substance but they have helped me whittle down a list. I like Ron Paul but think he’s read 1984 too many times. Bachmann beats her drum too loud and too often. I think she would say or do anything to become president and all I hear is noise and annoyance when she speaks now. Huntsman has an answer for everything and nothing and I wonder if he is even Republican. Cain has a bold plan and would probably be a sound decision maker. I enjoyed watching his responses to all the nay sayers regarding the 9 9 9 plan. At least he has a plan. Santorum is concise and seems true to his convictions but he may be too far to the right for me. Romney seems to have a teflon coating and is doing well by tacking when needed and did well deflecting Perry’s jabs. His plan seems to be cutting through the red tape for business. Which tape and who is holding the scissors? Perry gets more airtime the more he spars with Romney and we will see more trolling from Perry trying to get Romney to take the bait. I’m not sure why Perry is running for president but rest assured he will have a plan that someone has advised him will work. Newt would probably leave everyone in the dust if these were actual debates.

    • It appears that we have the same view on things. Going on true conservatism, Rick Santorum wins hand down, but is unelectable. He would be a good VP candidate though. Bachman has entered Sarah Palin status where she is borderline irrelevant as a candidate; Paul has no idea about Foreign Policy-isolationism is a scary thought right now. It just cannot happen. I am beginning to wonder if Perry is running for the next election or a cabinet position (Homeland Security?) but his campaign I believe is in quicksand right now.

      As to Newt, I think he may very well end up on the ticket and I think that was his goal from the start-a seat at the table. He would be a great President of the Senate as VP.

      I am going to agree with an assessment by Dick Morris yesterday that the two person race is between Cain and Romney but I don’t know how Cain will track with independents.

      Romney I believe will get the nominee and my next blog will cover that (in the works now) and I think he would be a very good president. He would get a lot of support from both sides (good or bad) and would be able to move legislation through. Because he would not be overseeing a liberal state, I think he would have some stones when it comes to economic legislation and reform. I recently read an article that suggested that Romney’s structure of doing business is possibly the model for our current economy. If that is true, then he would know how to unwind the ball of yarn that is our current system. I will try to find that again and link it in the next blog.


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