Romney Has A History Problem Most Of All

The Republican Presidential Nomination process so far this year has been a real meat grinder.  When it started in Greenville, SC, I thought this would be great process for everyone to vet the candidates on their positions.  However, it has been very different from that idea.  It seems that the candidates at each debate, whether it was hosted by FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC or whoever, are engaged in a massive food fight, much on the level of the one John Belushi started in Animal House. Also, the genuine discussion that Newt Gingrich pleads for has not evolved. 

If I had to say right now who the nominee is going to be I would have to say Mitt Romney.  I did vote for him in 2008 and have stated on this blog that if he wants to be taken seriously by all conservatives that he would have to disavow himself of RomneyCare-10th amendment issue or not, and he has not done that yet to the satisfaction of hard core conservatives.

Here is the major problem. People believe in the Constitution because it is a great document, but people these days don’t believe in people in politics and herein lies Mitt Romney’s problem.  Romney’s problems lie in the past and in the belief by many that he is a “flip-flopper” regardless of whether or not the accusations are true.  We have the ultimate flip-flopper in the White House right now who has no regard for the Constitution whatsoever and Obama’s political approach to governing has soured Americans and has hurt Romney I believe as a result.  

Some people believe that Romney didn’t effectively challenge Ted Kennedy in his run for the United States Senate and I think that makes people worry whether or not he would attack President Obama on a level needed to win.  John McCain played it nice and got creamed. 

According to ABC News today he has flip-flopped on the Flat Tax, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, but the ABC News article shows that Romney affirmed his position as a 1994 Senate candidate by saying he would not change the policy.  That is hardly a contradiction but is a serious media attempt to make it look that way.  Regardless, of the topic, Romney has this problem that he has to overcome if he can.  Any attempt to change or nuance a position, accentuates the flip- flopper label upon him and gives the media more firepower to brand him. 

So, what should he do?  I think he should address it head on.  Red State’s Erick Erickson has offered every candidate one hour of question and answer.  No moderators or food fights, just a Q & A.  I don’t know why any candidate hasn’t taken him up on it.  It would be the equivalent of a PBS interview for a Democratic candidate.  To not accept in my mind is giving up a prime opportunity. Erickson represents the Tea Party, fills in for Neal Boortz when he (Boortz) is not on the radio and Erickson has a very strong handle on the issues.  Governor Romney should give him a call.  It would be the ultimate opportunity to explain his positions and quite possibly give him some credit with the Tea Party. 

Romney though, like the other candidates has another major issue.  He shouldn’t be spending a lot of time and resources trying to carve up Rick Perry when he should be carving up the President and putting a spotlight on all the President’s dealings.  They (the candidates) should all be constantly peppering the President, along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has become Washington D.C.’s single biggest obstructionist.  Reid has failed to pass a budget in over 900 days, but the delay is really an intentional move.  The Senate Democrats don’t want their cards on the table and are getting shielded from the issue by the media.  By not being transparent and doing their jobs, they have given up on their Constitutional duties and have proven themselves the radicals they are.  Why is Governor Romney not attacking that issue?

I have written before that the Presidential candidates and the Republican House Majority Leaders should be synchronized in their attack but it hasn’t happened, and that is a real mistake because it would give Americans an idea of how America will be governed if President Obama is removed from office.  They are going to come under heavy fire from the mainstream media anyway, but they have to get their word out through every media avenue possible and it has to be unified.  The Left is very unified in their approach even though most of it is obfuscation, but the average non-political American doesn’t know that and they believe what they hear.  The Right needs to beat the same drum all the time.


2 thoughts on “Romney Has A History Problem Most Of All

  1. I’m not sure all the candidates need to walk lock step with the republican leaders just yet since it’s too early to tell which horse will be in the final race and they still have some maneuverability in the event the president gets a few wins. I think they can let the president fight it out with congress. For the time being it is the president vs. congress and the more he tries to circumvent process the less presidential he looks and the more heat congress absorbs. Once the field is slimmed down I think that will be the time to start a coordinated and consistent blitz. Similar to the one Baltimore put on the Cardinals in the second half Sunday. 🙂

  2. I don’t think the Congress is doing a good job of fighting with the President right now. they should be singing at the top of their lungs about the 15 bills sitting on Harry Reids desk that would lead to job creation or at least get the ball rolling. That is what the candidates should be saying aside from this is my “9-9-9 plan” they should be attacking the president for being the partisan that he his. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is right when he said today that the Right should challenge the President on the words he has used lately. He may end up being the boy who cried wolf. Their doesn’t appear to be to many people running to Herman Cain’s defense or trying to articulate real change because many on the right (Tea Party aside) don’t want the tax code and entitlements changed. That is their way of keeping their foot on the throat of the American People. I read today that a Democrat lady in Ohio said she would vote for Herman Cain instead of Obama and that the latest attack on him didn’t worry her but his lack of political experience did. If people are thinking this way, then the polls could shift heavily if the candidates all got behind the charge. The President could find himself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean from tidal wave that is going to hit him and Washington if they don’t change the way they are doing things. The Occupy Wall Street protest, fiasco that it is, signals that the youth on the left are just as fed up as the Tea Party. If the Right could put together a message that connects the two, it could shift many generations. The question is whether or not the Republican Establishment can come to terms with a new order and truly support the effort. If they can’t, the Tea Party will pick them off one by one.

    I can’t help the Blitz the Ravens hit your Cards with. I am still reeling from the ___ whooping the Cowboys took in Philly! That was ugly my friend.

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