Patriots Need Randy Moss

Since their last second win against the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago, the New England Patriots have lost two straight.  I witnessed in person the defeat at Pittsburgh last week and watched what I could of the Giants loss today.  Let’s put aside the fact that it is obvious that the New York Giants are not intimidated by the Patriots and we begin to see that the Patriots have one glaring weakness-they cannot stretch the field deep. 

Even during the Cowboys game, the Dallas defense challenged the Patriots receivers at the line and when a team is running a two tight end set and has two receivers who cannot beat you deep, then the game becomes a defensive test that stretches from the line of scrimmage to about 15 yards across the middle.   It is difficult in football, almost impossible to win if an offense can’t truly put pressure on the corners and safeties.  That is New England’s predicament.  They need to be able to put pressure on the safeties-they need Randy Moss.

One thing that is for certain about Moss and that is that he can beat anyone on the field.  He has had freak speed from the word go and when he is in the right scheme he is unstoppable.  It has just been a few years that he and Tom Brady scorched the NFL and seemed to set records weekly.  Even though that team ran into the Giants in the Super Bowl and lost, this years team is very similar because it has a running back who could change the balance if he didn’t have to deal with safeties at the line of scrimmage. 

Whatever took place between Moss and Coach Belichick needs to be set straight.  The Patriots need a vertical threat.  If they can sign Moss or someone before the season gets too far along then everyone should watch out because they have the defense to win it.


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