ESPN’s Hoge Can’t Hide Disdain For Tebow

Ever since he was drafted and especially since he went into the line up last year, ESPN’s Merrill Hoge has had no problems discussing the many reasons why the Denver Broncos couldn’t win a game with Tim Tebow at Quarterback.  Today, though, it took a different turn on ESPN’s NFL Primetime, when discussing the Broncos win yesterday with host Trey Wingo and analyst Tim Hasselback.  Hoge became angry with Hassellback as he defended Tebow.  Hoge had shown post game interviews with Coach Fox and Running back Willis McGahee.  Coach Fox was 100% accurate about Tebow not turning the ball over as being a part of his success, McGahee was seen correcting a reporter about the team being 5-1 and not Tebow personally.  McGahee has a great point and as a teammate of Tebow would by now know that Tim Tebow doesn’t seek the spotlight and is the ultimate team player but would, however, be the first to praise his teammates, like he does at every post game press conference.

When it got back to studio, Hasselback commented that it isn’t just one player, his examples being Aaron Rodgers for one, and he furthered his comment about the team rallying around these players.  It was there that Hoge came unglued and lost his professionalism for the moment.  Hoge was trying to make the point, that players and coaches will tell you the truth about what is “really” going on and he was yet again trying to minimalize Tebow and make his own stance about Tebow look like the accurate description; even during the highlights commenting that one of Tebow’s 4th quarter passes was (paraphrasing) “the best pass he has made this year”  C’Mon Man!

If you have ever played football above the junior high level, any player knows that it is a team effort to win, and doesn’t rely on one man but as Trent Dilfer stated after Sunday’s game, one player or one coach can be a rallying point for a team.  I think this is the point Hassellback was making as Hoge’s contempt for Tebow boiled over. I think it is more to the fact that he has personally stated Tebow cannot succeed because of his skill set, and yet Tebow, with adjustments from the coaches and an improving defense, has guided his team to within one game of the Raiders. 

Sorry Merrill.  Get over it.  You’re temper tantrum was very unbecoming.


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