The Black Conservative Candidate Hits The Immovable Liberal Object

Just about two hours ago, Republican Presidential Candidate Hermain Cain suspended his campaign for the White House.  Since coming out with his 9-9-9 plan and catching fire with the nation, Cain has come under an assault nearly unprecedented in Presidential politics, as least as far as I have seen. The arrows Cain and his campaign took were not just arrows stuck in the wooden wheel of the wagon train, they rained down on him with the breadth of animosity akin to the arrow onslaught in the war movie 300. 

The first wave was an attack from the Left and Right about his 9-9-9 plan, but when the arrows didn’t cause catastrophic wounds, the second round came right out of the liberal media playbook-sex scandal. 

Cain had been running for President for months but all of a sudden, there were accusations everywhere from women who wouldn’t come forward.  Finally, one came forward with a high powered women’s advocate lawyer and spoke out.  The flaming arrows hit the gasoline and the campaing struggled to reply.  The candidate denied it and spoke out against it and it began to subside and now that whistleblower has been evicted from her Illinois apartment, her life has fallen apart and there is no high powered lawyer around. 

However, those accusations didn’t stem the rising Cain tide, so the last blow came in the form of an accused 13 year affair from someone who didn’t want to come tell her side, but then had to tell her side.  Curious.  Now that her life has been stripped bare, and it has been revealed she has a history of trying to grab money, and that Cain knew her and it appears, tried to help her financially without his wife aware of the situation, Cain, after days of thinking out loud about his candidacy appeared today and fell on his sword. 

But what really happened?  I think the answer is a very simple one.  The Left has created the image of the Black Politician who is Liberal, Articulate, believes in social justice, and the type of man who can stir up the White vote as well as the Black vote.  Sounds like Barack Obama?  He is the model Black man for the Left.

Herman Cain is the anti-Obama.  He actually comes from poverty, he served the Navy in a civilian capacity using his mathematics degree to work on the missile ballistics.  Cain has served as Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City for two years.  He saved Godfather’s Pizza, is an associate minister at his church…….we get the picture.  He is a true, red-blooded American who is black and it was the color of his skin, sadly, that was his undoing.

The Liberal Media and the Political Elite are terrified of Hermain Cain because he destroys their narrative, he breaks down all the walls of stereotyping that they use to try and control and regulate the black culture.  The proof need only be seen in the vicious attacks he received at the hands of the Black Liberals in the past couple of weeks.  It has been a sad thing to watch those tear down the real dream that they should aspire to be but Cain represents, and threatens, their continual bite at the apple provided by the taxpayer. 

He is the black man that the country would rally around based on his history and not because he assuages White Guilt.  The country’s belief in Herman Cain was real and the Left knew that Herman Cain in a debate with Barack Obama during the General Election would expose the hypocrisy that is both their stance and their current stalwart. 

Herman Cain had to be eliminated. 

Today he was.


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