Don’t Put This Loss on Romo

What has become the norm under Head Coach Jason Garrett is that the Cowboys blow fourth quarter leads.  In the past, it has been Romo who has taken the blame and in some cases the blame does fall at his lap, but last night’s loss to the New York Giants was not on Romo.  Romo had good numbers, 21-31 for 321 yards and four touchdowns against no interceptions or fumbles.  Romo lead the Cowboys to two fourth quarter scores that put Dallas up 12 with 5:41 left to play. 

But as has happened many times this season, the defense couldn’t hold and gave up the lead in the fourth quarter.  Sound familiar? Last night againsts the Giants, Last week against the Cardinals, against the Patriots, against the Lions, and against the Jets.  That is five blown leads in the fourth quarter right off the top of my head, and even if the go 3-2 in those games they are 9-5 with at least a two game lead with three to go and with a championship defense they are 11-3 with a first round bye maybe.  Now they have to win out with both the Eagles and Giants on the schedule.   Not good. 

The San Diego Chargers franchise has a history of being a team that tries to outscore its opponents. No offense to my Boys, but their scheme won’t allow for prolific offense.  It is prodding and calculating; re-enter the fullback.   A analysis of their offense would tell me that the most important player is the fullback.  When the Cowboys run the football hard, the can attack the sidelines vertically because of the defensive adjustment to stop the run, but they don’t attack the deep middle of the field and that is a major mistake.  Romo clearly showed his arm off last night so why not push Dez down the field? 

Garret calls plays, it seems, so the team will run the play action more effectively because they have established the run.  In stark contrast, Aikman’s Cowboy’s, as Garret witnessed, threw the ball to set up the run and when the run was established, after they had scored 24+, they pounded opponents with Emmitt in the second half.  Game over.

The Defense is struggling.  Rob Ryan is not working.  His defense can not hold up late in the game just look at the time of possession last night.  The Giants held the ball almost ten minutes more during the game but still Romo and the offense scored 34 points in twenty five minutes.

It didn’t matter.  The secondary is not good enough to play man press defense and yet Ryan runs these lopsided blitzes and the secondary gets exposed and their leads dissolve like Alka-Seltzer.   

Time for JJ, (Jerry and Jason) to find a free safety and a corner (Newman needs to go)-and maybe a D-Coordinator.  

They are right on the edge of becoming a very good team if they can learn to close.


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