What About The Second Four?

The heat in the Republican Primary kitchen has reached the steamy level with three weeks to go until the first vote in Iowa and the gloves have come off.  Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and now Ron Paul, have begun some intense campaigning in Iowa and the winner will get a nice boost going into the primary process.  The wisdom right now is that Romney is sliding and Paul is rising, but I think there are a few more forces at work.  I think Romney is winning thanks to Paul and I also think Dick Morris was right about Romney’s debate performance last Saturday and that it would tighten the polls.  I think people moved away from Newt and to Ron Paul.  Rush Limbaugh is pushing that the establishment wants to win the primary from the middle and he may be right, but I think voters are really paying attention and searching their souls.  I also  think that all three top candidates combined represent the ideal conservative and so we are seeing real republican values represented in all three and that has muddied the waters too.

Gingrich is bold, Romney is steady and frugal, and Paul is a monetary hawk.  The three together coalesce the conservative trifecta but none of them alone are the ideal conservative.  The blogs on the right are in full on dart mode when it comes to attacking Romney, but there really isn’t any substance, just disdain (and some envy I think).  Paul gets blistered on his foreign policy stance but like President Obama found out, casting stones is much easier than charting American Foreign Policy so I don’t think Paul would be that radical because he wouldn’t be able to.  Newt is the grenade throwing, former speaker, both sides of the issues, part-time conservative who approaches government from an Obama type conservatism, “I think we don’t know” is his response to Global Warming.  C’mon Man.

And while the blogs are bringing up great points in their blogs and then arguing them out in their reply’s, no one is asking this question:  Who is the candidate that can be consistent for two terms? Both President Bush and President Reagan got loose in their last two years.  Reagan was wrapped up in the Iran-Contra and speculations about his memory and he seemed to lose both focus and power.  George W. Bush I felt played politics with the Democrats after 2006 so they would fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and so he looked the other way when it came to spending.  When TARP hit, he lost all control and abdicated to Congress.  It cost John McCain dearly. 

Finally, Gingrich is the train that can come off the rails at anytime.  I think there are signs of his undisciplined speaking.  He is a brilliant man but he vocalizes his true beliefs all the time.  Let him talk long enough and you will find out what he is really about.  He has great ideas and great views but he is the conservative mirror image of President Obama.  He has high ideals, is an ideologue in his view for the United States, eloquent, and deep to thought.  That was President Obama running against Hillary Clinton and look what we got.  I don’t know if we can handle four more years of undisciplined action teamed with high ideals.

So, I ask the question:  Who is the candidate that can keep the discipline for a full two terms?


2 thoughts on “What About The Second Four?

    • Thank you. I read your post on Whole Language and wondered how pervasive it actually is? I would agree that is is Socialist in nature because it destroys the last essential line of effective communication. Writing. If you can’t read properly you can’t write properly because the two go hand in hand. That article made me pause because it makes you wonder how much control we really have as citizens.

      well done.

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