Norv’s Run Has Probably Come To An End

I have been a tremendous fan of Norv Turner ever since he was the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.  He was very much in sync with the abilities of that particular Dallas Cowboy offense.   Emmit, Troy, Michael, Moose, Novacek, Harper, Larry Allen to name a few.  They were power offense to the maximum.  Run you over and pass right over your safeties for the long ball.  That offense attacked the entire field and by the fourth quarter the opposing teams were demoralized and physically beaten.  They were very much the mirror image of Head Coach Jimmy Johnson and Norv Turner learned a lot there, but the trick to get a team over the top has unfortunately eluded him.  He was doing an admirable job with the Washington Redskins but no playoff wins doomed him there. He got hired by Al Davis and was only there two seasons. His run with the Chargers looked like they were just around the corner in 2007 and 2008 but they couldn’t convert. The NFL is about getting into the playoffs and progressing toward a Super Bowl victory and Norv has not gotten there much nor won when it counted when his teams were there.  

I can only imagine the frustration he is feeling now.  He has helped to make Philip Rivers a very elite Quarterback with all the guts of a Bobby Lane or Joe Kapp, but Rivers has struggled mightily after a fast start this year and turnovers will ultimately cost Turner his job I feel.  

The situation feels very similar to the Wade Phillips situation that took place in Dallas.  You could feel it building against Wade last season and when they Boys got throttled by Green Bay last year on its championship run on national television, it was clear that the team was gone. 

I almost wrote this a week ago but after the Chargers put a mean whooping on Baltimore last week, I thought I might want to hold off.  Yesterday changed my mind when the Lions earned their playoff spot by by ripping the Chargers 38-10 behind Mathew Stafford’s 29/36 for 373 yards and 3 scores.   Most impressive is the 10.4 yards per pass and Stafford’s 71.4 completion percentage when the throws were in the air for at least 11 yards.  That is ridiculous and shows the Chargers were overpowered.

Norv’s impact on the NFL has been huge.  He has never been considered less than a premiere offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and he will get another opportunity and I think should take it.  Offense is a lot more fun to watch when he is coaching it.  

It would be nice to see him as the OC for the Cowboys again.   Hey Jason, are you listening?


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