Cowboys Have To Keep Romo On His Feet

The game plan tonight is really simple.  Keep Tony Romo upright. If the offensive line can give him time to throw, I would take my chances in another shootout like we saw in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. 

D-Coordinator Rob Ryan has said he is simplifying the Defensive scheme tonight.  If they played zone tonight and kept things in front of them and can stop Brandon Jacobs, then I like the Cowboys.  If they cannot put the brakes on Jacobs and need to go man on the outside I think they lose.  Terence Newman is overrated and cannot keep up with Hakeem Nicks. 

Both secondarys were burned last game and the Giants and Jason Pierre-Paul wreaked havoc on the Dallas offensive line.   Dallas has to stymie him and limit his damage.  The last game he personally accounted for a blocked field goal and a safety.  Dallas must neutralize him at the line by running the ball effectively.  The play calling tonight is critical and even though Head Coach Jason Garrett’s job is not on the line, he has to call a good game.  If he doesn’t, the offseason starts tonight.  If he does, they have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs even though they aren’t going the distance. 

Tonight they need to keep the focus and stay aggressive.


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