Is Newt Just Looking For A Spot On The Ticket?

I don’t know about most other people following the GOP nomination process, but I am tired of Newt Gingrich complaining about the negative ads against him in Iowa.  It is both unseemly and whiny to talk about how you are being negatively attacked.  Boo Hoo.  This is politics Newt!  Get a spine and get ready for a real onslaught if you get the nomination because President Obama will unleash hell fire on the GOP nominee and as great as it sounds that you will challenge him to seven Lincoln-Douglas style debates, how stately, he will never accept and he will eviscerate you in a general election.  Can we then expect the potential leader of the free world and the man who would turn it all around to whine about being attacked in the general election?  He might actually seem weaker than John McCain who wouldn’t and couldn’t tell then candidate Obama to stop calling him John in the presidential debates. 

You see, Newt is an “ideas man”  much like Bill Blazejowski (Michael Keaton) in the movie Night Shift.  Who can remember “what if we feed mayonnaise to the tuna fish?”.  Bill was an ideas man too.  It is not good enough to be creative, we need a candidate who can get things done with a stubborn Democratic Senate being led by the intractable Harry Reid of Nevada.  Newt is to polarizing and if the Democrats hold onto the Senate, then he will not get his grand designs across. 

The reality of our situation is that our founders wanted gridlock.  They wanted a government that couldn’t get anything across because that ensured that the people weren’t getting railroaded.  However, our situation today is dire.  We have a debt that has ballooned about 11 trillion dollars over the past 11 years thanks to both Republican and Democratic Administrations and Republican and Democratic House of Representatives.  We need an election that swings the pendulum the other way.  It has gone way to far to the left and needs a correction. Our country is a center right country and people want to find the person who can defeat Barack Obama, grow the economy long-term and stay on top of our social obligations.  That is the country we are like it or not.  Our major entitlement programs need to be reformed and Harry Reid will go along with a Republican President and Republican House if it covers his derriere if they hold on to the Senate. 

Newt turns off independents and the Right cannot win without that vote. 

Newt’s campaign of ideas I think is him vying for a VP spot on the ticket (by the way he would be a real good one!) and maybe it will pan out.  If he plays it right, I think it gets him a Cabinet spot.   

We shall see. 


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