Fox Needs To Shelve Alan Colmes After Comments

I just had the opportunity to watch the exchange between National Review’s Rich Lowry and Fox News’ Alan Colmes where Colmes stooped to a new liberal media low when he commented on Rick Santorum and his wife’s handling of the death of their newborn son 15 years ago.  It is one thing to attack a candidate or politician for his stance on policy or a vote, but Colmes’ questioning Santorum’s actions really show the depth of the cultural divide between the Right and Liberal Left in this country.  For Colmes it seemed commonplace to attach mockery and questionable judgment to Santorum’s desire to take his baby home and have private time with his other children and then a private burial after the child died outside his mother’s womb a couple of hours after birth. 

What this highlights most of all is how the question of the life is just a non issue to the Liberal left.  It is ok to abort a baby for no good reason other than not wanting it, likewise the Left seems ok with the act of aborting babies that are not the sex the parents want, but for a man to show both loss and love for a baby that he wanted to grow up and have a true relationship with is mind-blowing to a warped individual like Colmes. 

The part of the Left that supports abortion in this country and pushed for Roe v. Wade have decided that the individual is the real arbiter of life and if a life is not wanted or is an accident, then it is okay to end that life.  This stance is an abomination in the eyes of the Heavenly Father but also a stainful action that has permeated our country and our politics to the point where this belief is for some the only political stance worth taking and judging candidates by. 

To understand the prevalence of this train of thought ponder this fact for a while.  On January 22, 2010, Editor Steven Ertfelt, posted an analysis that showed 52 million abortions have taken place since Roe v. Wade was confirmed as Constitutional  in 1973.  That is one-sixth of our current population. 

Colmes’ comments go way beyond the pale and truly represent a part of our culture that has no inherent respect for life.  

My heart goes out to the Santorum family for having to relive a painful part of their family history. 

Fox News should terminate Colmes.  The Left would have it no other way.

Please see link attached.   Colmes/Lowry Exchange


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