Now Is The Time For Romney To Attend A Tea Party

The author of this blog has stated on many occasions that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney needs to approach the Tea Party and have a sit down.  I still stand by the statement and believe now is the time.  Not only because of the move to South Carolina next week, but mainly because it is time to get in front of Tea Party conservatives and creat the party platform that unites us all.  Governor Romney, if anything, has shown that he can deal with Democrats having dealt with an 85% Democratic Legislature in Massachusetts, so the time has come to get together and create a platform that satisfies conservatives, but also will appeal to moderate Republicans in both the House and Senate-that is critical to our success. 

Let’s be real about this situation for a minute.  I personally think that the Governor is going to surprise people by governing to the right and I feel that some Democrats and Independents think this way as well, so the Governor is walking an electoral tightrope to try to get out of the primary season.  I have not doubt that he will be an excellent general election candidate for two reasons.  One, I think he learned a lot from the previous primary season and watched as John McCain, wilted under cordiality in the general against President Obama in the last election.  We have already seen the PAC’s that support him demonstrate the willingness, along with the Ron Paul PAC’s, to pound the facade of a nice Newt Gingrich away and reveal the man who was Speaker of the House.  I feel that is what is coming with President Obama should Governor Romney get to the nomination.  If he can seal the deal sooner than the onslaught on President Obama’s record will start sooner.  Two, I think he really is saddened to see what has become in the last 3 plus years and he saw as a young man, the Washington machine pound his dad in the political game and I don’t think there is a chip there, but a sharpened focus learned over the years and honed in the last election.

Finally, I think he knows what he is doing.  To create a business empire like he has requires intense focus and discipline and he has both and Gingrich has neither, but the Democratic machine excels using both to crush opponents, so I think he is the guy. 

Leon H. Wolf of Red writes and very good piece about Romney that posted yesterday and although I disagree with some of his contentions, his assertion about the nominees going back twenty years is accurate and merits decision.  I think we all forget that Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood liberal who came to conservatism later in life, and I think we also forget that most people under 30 years of age don’t know the impact Reagan had the world in the 1980’s.  It is all YouTube clips to them so they are unaffected by Gingrich and others when they beat that drum incessantly.  We have 11 months to create the candidate and message.  It is time for the Governor to reach out RedState, Glenn Beck and Ron Paul and create a coalition that he alone has the discipline and focus to lead. 

Please read the Link to Mr. Wolf’s blog on Red State.  A Call for Sanity in the Anti-Romney Rhetoric