Gingrich and Perry Turn A Shameful Democratic Trick

Ever since Newt Gingrich saw his lead in Iowa evaporate because of the negative advertising against him, he has initiated a scorched earth policy that may possibly make a Democratic campaign advisor blush.  We have heard from radio host Sean Hannity a number of times how the Democrats use the class warfare strategy to eviscerate their opponents because they can’t run on their records.  Now, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are taking a play from the Democratic playbook and have initiated the class warfare strategy on Mitt Romney.  Gingrich even went that direction in the New Hampshire debate on Sunday morning when he said that the PAC that supports Romney is composed of his “millionaire” buddies. 


Now a clip on the news shows Rick Perry in South Carolina stating how Mitt Romney would essentially be a hypocrite by coming to the south with his Bain Capital background and saying he knows the pain of South Carolinians. 


I have written on this blog before that the problem Mitt Romney has with conservatives is that he has proven himself successful and there is envy amongst the politically right ranks.  What a pack of hypocrites we have on the Right (what a surprise they resemble their Left brethren) as they campaign against the Class Warfare message and then turn on their own with the same attacks. 

This is true envy.  Gingrich got his money from Politics by using his leadership and tri-partisan ideas group to soak entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for money by saying by some accounts he was providing historian services.  What a real joke. 

What is more to the joke is that Gingrich has the nerve after converting to Catholicism and claiming he has turned his life around to resort to what is essentially a secular view attack because he didn’t get to run a campaign on his terms. 

He claims that he was a Reagan insider and all things Reagan were a part of his doing-come on man.  

On the other hand, Texas Governor Rick Perry has no reason to go at Romney this way except for to save face for not being an exciting candidate and spending a lot of other people’s money to run a distant fifth in the Iowa Caucus.  He claims to be the only one who is a Washington outsider, but now that he is getting his clock cleaned in South Carolina, he resorts to Washington insider tactics.  Now, the latest Rasmussen poll has him running in South Carolina at 5% where Romney has moved to 27% from 23%.  Gingrich is polling third at 18%.

Interesting how after Iowa, Newt said that 75% of the Republican party didn’t want to vote for Romney but 87% didn’t want to vote for him if we use his logic which is bunk.  In New Hampshire, Romney has 42% of the vote, Ron Paul is second at 18%, Rick Santorum is third with 13% and Jon Huntsman is at 12%-Gingrich and Perry are not even mentioned in the article and yet they are the ones damaging the Conservative train of thought out of political survival. 



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