Why A Reformed Moderate Is Better Than a Progressive Republican

As the momentum in South Carolina began to move in the direction of Newt Gingrich, we kept hearing on the news that it seems that debates matter.  I would love to sit here and write that I agree, but seeing as we have had 17 debates, and the subject matter has been the same throughout the process. and that the candidates have answered the questions the same every time tells me that maybe the debates don’t matter that much or maybe everyone has a short memory.  Maybe even sadder it proves that our society is swayed by entertainment rather than substance.  We might as well be watching MTV’s Road Rules or Teen Mom if that is the truth. I know it sounds like I am the world’s biggest skeptic, but someone tell me how Newt Gingrich moves 20 points by saying that Andrew Jackson wanted to kill our enemies!  What?

Let’s step back and analyze this a minute.  In the 2008 election, then candidate Barack Obama threw more red meat than Roy Scheider out of the backside of the Orca and as a result, we ended up with one of the most radical and progressive Presidents in the history of this country all because he could talk a good line.  Is that the end result of the takeover of our schools by the government that people actually have failed to analyze what someone says?  I think it is. 

Has Newt Gingrich said anything outside of 15% flat tax and firing New York city janitors and hiring students instead to work in their place that has had a real impact on the race?  Oh, I forgot the Andrew Jackson thing.

How about I announce my candidacy tomorrow and promise everyone that I am going to pay for their college tuition and I am going to reduce everyone’s taxes to zero!  That is a winning platform isn’t it?

No, it isn’t.  The first platform idea is not possible and the second one is unreasonable and would cut all funding for our military among other things.   If there are no taxes, who is going to pick up the municipal trash?

Let me get to my topic now.  There is something interesting to study about those individuals who were liberal in their thought and then moved across the political spectrum to the conservative side after they have seen the light.  First and foremost, no one, and I mean no one, can understand the liberal mentality better than someone who was once a hardcore liberal (Rush comes real close).  They know the thought process, they know the goals, they know the b.s. behind the unreasonable policies and they know the guilt process that goes into being a rich white liberal in the United States.  They also know that words can spin money their way once the people they are trying to indoctrinate bite the hook.  Just look at Al Gore and the Global Warming mess. 

Don’t believe me?  Why did President Obama reject the Keystone Pipeline?  Because he is so sold to his idealogy that he doesn’t care who it hurts.  He knows in the long run he will be the financial beneficiary of this line of nonsense.

David Horowitz is a prime example of the conversion from Left to Right.  If you have never heard him on the radio, you should tune in and listen because I have heard few people who know and understand the politics of the Left like him.  Why?  He used to be one of the gang.

This is why I think Mitt Romney is the candidate to lead this country.  Who better than the man who understands Northeast Liberals intimately?  Who better than the man who had to run the most liberal eastern state than a guy who was granted the authority to cut wasteful budget spending by a state legislature that was 85% Democratic and liberal?

Newt Gingrich would have been throwing hand grenades into the chambers and would have achieved very little long term, although maybe something short term.  Mitt Romney has managed the wolf’s den and lived to tell about it.  How does one manage the microeconomic version of the United States Congress and end up with 2 billion in surplus or as he calls a rainy day fund?  He knows how to play ball for starters, but also, it is obvious, maybe only to me, that he is so intelligent in the area of spending and finance that the liberal Democrats in Massachusetts realized the same thing and let him reshape their state so they could retain control.

Don’t you think that if he could do that to the country that he alone could destroy the liberal narrative and properly reorient a center right country?

I do.  I don’t have any problems with Newt Gingrich other than I don’t want him to be President.  That is the ulitmate position that takes a person who has the ability to analyze, manage, and really has an understanding of the issues both financially and socially.  Ronald Reagan himself was a reformed liberal; he saw the light.  Why would Mitt be any different?  If he is all facade, then he singlehandley destroys the American right for decades?  Do you think that is what he wants and do you think that is what his Dad taught him over the years?  Why does he fly Jet Blue?  Why did he veto so many bills in Massachussetts  (800 or so)?  How many did George W. Bush veto?  Zero.  How many has Barack Obama vetoed? Zero. 

Mitt Romney vetoed a bill that would require the state of Massachussets to initiate universal prekindergaten programs for every child in the state because he said it was too costly and unproven.  Doesn’t sound the like No Child Left Behind to me. 

The root of the issue is this.  A person who has lived in the wolf’s den understand’s what he is up against; a person who starts oppposite may very well eventually move in the direction of the wolf’s den (George H.W. Bush, John McCain et al.) and end up a servant of the liberal master.  Is the past Republican Majority not a great example?  Just look at Trent Lott, Lamar Alexander and others who want to get along.  They don’t understand the idealogy.  Neither does Newt.  He only understands that he has to be a firewall and he will fight like hell to do that.  He doesn’t understand the nuance; he is fighting for today, not tomorrow.  So, were the French in Vietnam.  How is that for a history lesson?  Yes, they entered that country in mid1800’s and the Vietnamese resisted them for almost a hundred years.  The Progressives entered our country with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (Republicans) and have been slowly eroding our country since. 

I think the time to fight them with someone who understands their ways is now.


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