Call The Time Out

If Jason Garrett’s time out flub this year in Arizona (just one of the games that cost the Cowboys a playoff birth) didn’t teach anyone anything, it should have been a seminal moment for coaching in the last minute of NFL games. 

It appears that John Harbaugh didn’t get the memo.  With the clock winding down and the Ravens three points behind the Patriots in Foxboro, the Ravens failed to use their last time out and allow kicker Billy Cundiff time to adjust to the situation.  Instead, Cundiff comes running on the field with around 10 seconds left and immediately lines up to kick the game tying field goal.  It is snapped with about time running out on the 25 second clock and Cundiff misses extremely wide left from 32 yards.

Why with one timeout left do you not take the break and set the play?


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