Will The Passion of The Crist Be A Winning Formula?

Newsmax reports that Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign has hired the top aides from former Florida Senator Charlie Crist’s failed Senate campaign to help guide his campaign.  I saw this post on DickMorris.com this morning and my immediate reaction was “what the —- is the Governor doing? (you fill in your own word there) 

I have posted multiple times that I feel the right course of action would be to reach out to the Tea Party and blogged that very message after the New Hampshire victory.  However,  those words were never heard and now we have the ultimate anti-Tea Party strategists influencing the campaign.  I think what Washington, and apparently Governor Romney, fail to understand is that the one movement in the United States that truly represents the conservative movement is not the Republican Party, but is in fact the Tea Party. 

The Tea Parties are local; they are not nationally governed and each has its own spin on the movement, no doubt influenced by the state the activists are living in.  They are a true representation of the 10th amendment due to their structure alone, but what they encompass is something much bigger.  They are Americans, both Right and Left in orientation, who believe that the government should be severely restricted in its scope.  More to the point, and what was hammered home at Glenn Becks rally at the Mall was the fact that the Tea Party represents that the country can get along all on its own, and it doesn’t need the government to set the terms of all our agreements and disagreements.  The Republican Party has not figured this out and as a result, there is inter-party resistance to the movement.  The Left, I feel, understands it all to well and that is the reason they demagogue intensely because they know the roots of the movement would kill the political animosity in the country. 

That is why I wrote that Governor Romney should attend “a Tea Party”.  He has the economic bona fides that the country so desperately needs but he has not connected with the Tea Party on an internal level.  I feel that is one of the reasons he is seen as being stiff.  I will argue intensely that Governor Romney doesn’t know what it is like to be “middle class”, because he has never walked in those shoes. I don’t begrudge him that, but if you want to understand a man you have to understand his dreams and desires.  The middle class that the politicians constantly refer to is a figment of their imagination simply because it is a foreign concept to them.  As a result, those of us in the “middle” are viewed as votes to be gained for re-election.  So they pander with words but no heart. 

That is what aggravates conservatives, like myself, about the Republican Establishment who claims they are for us.  I believe some of them are but I believe the majority of them couldn’t care less.  The Left and the Mainstream Media have tried to label the Tea Party as the obstructionists when the true obstructionists are the regulars in Democratic Party and the Republican Party. 

Charlie Crist got pounded by Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate election in 2010 and rightly so because Marco Rubio, is a Tea Party man.  He knows what is like to be on the low side of society and have parents who risk their lives for the benefit of their children.  The Hispanic movement mirrors the American movement intensely in its desire for a better life and liberty in its approach to life. 

Crist didn’t represent that and the hiring of his campaign crew that has a success record for ” more moderate Republicans” is not a strong move for Governor Romney.  Mitt has to move to the right to win the Primary-he has to connect with those in the middle.  If he doesn’t, he will not be the nominee; if he does, it will give him the internal passion to take on President Obama during the debates and throughout the election.


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