Report of Cowboys’ Franchising of Spencer Troubling

ESPN Dallas has posted online that the Dallas Cowboys appear to be heading towards placing the Franchise Tag on Linebacker Anthony Spencer. 

Should this come to pass, I have to say that this decision goes far beyond mind-numbing and enters into the realm of farcical reality.  I have nothing against Anthony Spencer other than the fact that he has wasted the teams money for five years. 

To put his defensive career into perspective is easy.  He was a number one pick, has played in 76 games and has averaged 3.5 tackles per game over his career and has averaged .28 sacks per game playing opposite DeMarcus Ware. 

So, Spencer has been subpar over five years opposite arguably the best defensive player in the league, while most time getting one on one scenarios with offensive linemen and he hasn’t been able to make a big difference. 

With this in mind, why the Cowboys would pay him over 8 million dollars next year when they have serious needs at the safety position and at the cornerback position is unexplainable. 

Should this transaction occur it definitely means one thing-that Head Coach Jason Garrett is yet again another Store Minder instead of being a Head Coach with some personnel authority, because no football guy can look at Spencer’s contribution over the past five years and determine that he is that important to the cause and that he needs that much money. 

He should be released and allowed to fend for himself just like he has been doing to his defensive teammates over the last five years.

This is yet another reason why Owner Jerry Jones needs to step aside and let football people make the decisions instead of being guided by his ego and pride.  To spend money like this on a player who has not made a major impact proves what I have written before and that is the Cowboys will waste Tony Romo’s and other player’s careers while they pursue mediocrity.

It may be time to find another team because this one it seems can’t get out of its own way.


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