Rick Exit’s Stage Left; Newt Hallucinates A Path

Just a couple of hours ago, Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and vowed to work to end the reign of Barack Obama as President.  It wasn’t but a couple of hours later that I heard Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity’s radio show talk about a path to victory for the nomination of the Republican Party.  The more I hear him speak the more I believe he is potentially a man without shame. 

The fact this is even a discussion is utter fantasy.  Gingrich has a whopping 100 plus delegates, has won one (1) state primary, and he thinks he can make a run starting with North Carolina in a couple of weeks where, he stated that was the same state where Ronald Reagan turned it around in 1976 and began his run (to losing the primary).  I am not disparaging President Reagan, he was and will remain, one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the this country, but again Newt relates to him like they were back bench buddies in the House of Representatives!  Amazing and delusional all in one!

Enough of him, he should suspend his campaign, Romney should invite the other candidates to a meeting where they lay out their visions for the party platform, discuss and agree on it, and begin their movement into the country as paid surrogates of the Romney campaign where they lob verbal attacks on President Obama’s record.  They should become Romney’s hitmen much like David Axelrod and others are for the President.  Let Governor Romney make the argument to Women and Independents, Hispanics and African-Americans, and to the Tea Party above the fray while they assail the President and his socialist movement of an administration.

Who better than Newt Gingrich to go after Attorney General Holder?  Who better than Ron Paul to attack Bernanke and Geithner? And who better than Rick Santorum to rally the conservative right? 

Newt needs to stop. Period.

A few words on Rick Santorum.  He was a long shot to begin with but no candidate in my memory has so motivated the blue-collar constituency of the Republican Party.  He has been bold, brash, unafraid and unapologetic, and fought the good fight but eventually ran into what I hope President Obama runs into-a Romney organization so well structured-much like Bush and Rove in 2004, that the grassroots movement along with Super Pac money (lots of it) crush the President’s attempt at relection. 

Rick has fought a good fight and has brought about a call to arms for many conservatives to get off the couch and join the fight.  Time for Newt to follow Rick’s move and unite this Party behind Governor Romney and get on to the real business of putting adults back in the White House!


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