The True Definition of Hypocritical

I can put up with a lot, but the story of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren calling herself an American Indian was the proverbial last straw.  When I read the story this morning about how she claimed herself and American Indian based on no supporting evidence from over a 100 years ago was more than a laugher!  It totally illustrates the Liberal Lefts desire to both sympathetic and empathetic with the plight of those they have chosen to control. 

The very notion of Elizabeth Warren calling herself an American Indian is appalling and an affront to both me and any American Indian who walks the planet. Alas, it seems that her campaign has come up with evidence showing that she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian and, of course in her mind, that makes everything ok since has she used a bogus storyline to move ahead of others as she has moved through life.  This is the true definition of hypocritical and goes along with many other liberal affronts such as President Obama talking  about how the War on Terror shouldn’t be politicized in 2006 and then, lo and behold, making a World Tour celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden this week.  Let’s not forget the recent Trayvon Martin shooting that had Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and all the other race baiters on fire, but when it comes to the daily shootings in the inner cities, black on black crime, and even  Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney speaking out as to how his administration will improve school choice for those who need it, Jackson and Sharpton were nowhere near a microphone.  Why?  It is not politically expedient.

This is the hypocrisy of the Left.  They will say what they want when they want to and no one, aside from Conservative Talk Radio will call them on it.  I could watch Fox News, CNN and MSNBC and any other form of MSM and never even hear a commentator, outside of Sean Hannity, and Dennis Miller and sometimes Greta Van Susteren, discuss the hypocrisy of the both liberalism and its complicit media. 

The Elizabeth Warren comments are just another in a line that stretches to the moon and back that highlight the facts that lying is a way of life on the left. 

You know, looking at her picture I could see the resemblance.  She has a lot of the similarities of many Cherokee women:  Can’t you see the resemblance?

Cherokee Indians Women Pictures:Blackfoot: Old Blackfoot Woman Wearing Bone Hair Necklace and Cowrie ...      Doesn’t this look like Senate Candidate Warren?  Amazing the resemblance!

I think this is a real likeness!   It definitely highlights the high cheekbones she alluded to in one of her idiotic statements!  It brought to mind another liberal, John Kerry of Massachusetss (surprise) and his ancestors:

Look at the similarities:                  

 I can see the next family reunion now! 

WAKE UP AMERICA!  THIS HAS GOT TO END!  How long will we sit back and let the preposterous take place!


One thought on “The True Definition of Hypocritical

  1. She’s a shoe in for the next “Keep America Beautiful” commercial. How about Richard Blumenthal. What a schmuck!

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