The Time For The EuroZone Decline Has Come

After the left leaning Syriza Party came in second in Greece in the recent elections, it appears that the Party is going to to challenge the austerity programme that has been put in place for the country by the EuroZone, or shall I call it, the EuroEconoConglomerate.

The sad truth is that the idea of a united Europe has totally failed. Trying to create an economic zone that would rival the West and allow for prosperity in the region has never worked because like all countries, it depends on the United States economy to be the power behind its economy. There is no doubt that the sagging Euro and the Austerity measures put in place are a total joke because if both Greece and Spain were seriously dealing with its issues, it would not require bailout after bailout. The reality of the situation is that the dollar, that is being aggressively deflated by its own government for the past twenty plus years, is the key to world economy. Everything economic in nature revolves around our economy. Even China, the country everyone but Mitt Romney says is ascending, needs our economy. Our trade deficit with the totalitarian Chinese Government is staggering and even during the Republican debates, only one candidate said he would call them on it. You guessed it-Governor Mitt Romney.

Even as the world struggles, the Federal Reserve under the great leadership of Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke, has managed to print enough money weakly prop up the United States and it appears, enough to support the rest of the world. This is the new way of Global Finance; let the United States fund all the programs that target the United States and the rest of the world will use our economy to fund its own welfare states.

I don’t normally side with Communists and Socialists, but if these radical aspects of the Greek Democratic (cough, cough) process want to leave the Euro then I support it. I don’t support Globalism and I hope with all sincerity that the Eurozone fails and the dollar rises again under a Romney Administration. It is not right for the Germans and French to demand anything from another country. It would be the equivalent of Canada or Mexico demanding our government to do its bidding because that is what is happening. The EuroEconoConglomerate has been mandating to Greece and to Spain that they follow the carrot or they will not get any money. Let Greece and Spain fail and when they institute a government that just wants to suck the life out of their currency and their people, they will have very few options outside of force to change their predicament and there should be no physical fear from any European Country from another.  We are not in 1939 and the psychological damage wrought on Europe from the World Wars (I and II for those who are not up to speed) has hastened the demilitarization of the contintent and reared many a generation of those who abhor any violence whatsoever.

Individual peoples have the right to self determination and they should be allowed to follow it. If Greece goes all out Communist or Socialist to the point that it suffocates its own people, then the people will leave and it will fail for neither system has ever proven to be able to sustain itself.   Both Political systems are plagues on the middle class who they inevitably suck the life out of and now the Obama Administration is doing its best to suck the life out of the country to the benefit of their friends both foreigh and domestic.  Again, the middle class is being crushed as the job market continues to contract and the economy is barely treading water.  As a result, the world economy is stumbling as there is no Quantitative Easing III to falsely prop it up a little while longer.  The world’s primary consumer nation, the United States, is in free fall and as a result, all our trading partners are suffering.  Add to the insult that the worldwide necessity of oil trades in dollars and one begins to see the reason for all the inflationary pressure here and abroad.  Yes, the very same inflationary pressure the Fed calls modest and only around 3% or so. 

For the United States people to fully understand where the Left and all its minions are trying to take this country, the EuroZone must fail so everyone will understand the economic danger that is on the horizon.  It is without a doubt the goal of the Left to Globalize and force the United States into becoming a bigger and better Europe, but fortunately for us, the Left is beholden to environmental extremists and has allowed them to hijack both their party and their doctrine and citizens of this country will not tolerate extremism on either side.   Now there are certain advisors mentioned in the news for quoting Karl Marx and their brazen socialistic approach is wearing us all thin.

All we have to do as voters is look across the pond to see our future.  It is not pretty, and I believe that the majority of people in this country would rather see the Left get pounded into submission, and many would be willing to do it, instead of watching this great nation follow the EuroZone down the rabbit hole.


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