Forget The Bilderbergs! Its Time For The Romney/Occupy/Tea Party Summit

The shadowy group known as the Bilderbergs is meeting this week in Virginia where some think they are plotting their continued takeover of the world.  I don’t know who is on the list, but if I had my inklings, I would say the main focus of the group is to determine and influence world finance policy as a way of influencing world politics.  If you don’t think there is a link between finance and politics, simply look at the Obama Administration to get a crystal clear at how it looks in the Micro.  In the Macro, it would take the appearance of the UN, IMF, World Bank and any other institution that is run primarily on United States Dollars and how those dollars can influence world situations.  I may be wrong, but wealthy people don’t unite to talk about sports, but I will wager they do often talk about wealth sustainment. 

Curious also is the link between the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party that has emerged at this conference.  For anyone who has been paying attention, it really should be no surprise, just listen to one of the protesters outside of the Bilderberg conference as written in the UK Guardian on Saturday June 2, 2012:

But the protest marked the gathering of a diverse cross-section of contemporary US activist movements.

Chris McCarron stood outside the fence surrounding the Marriott with a 99% flag, an overt nod to the Occupy movement.

For McCarron, who participated in Occupy protests in Colorado, the motivation for attending the rally was simple: “A shadowy group of rich people gathering together, making their plans for the world; I’m not going to sit on my ass and let them do it. They’re gonna hear my voice.”

McCarton hoped the movements could find common ground and come together.

“It was funny, earlier today me and a Tea Party guy, we threw our arms over each other like ‘Hey, here we are, we’re working together on this.”

“We’re all kind of protesting the same thing, just different segments of it,” he said. “Whenever we can we should get together.”

“Whenever we can, we should get together” the gentleman said.  I could not agree more.  I do not condone the actions of the initial Occupy Movement where its members got caught up in a 1960’s rebellion moment that included drugs, the need for rape centers at movements and idiots deffocating on police cars.  Not really grown up actions that will get you taken seriously, but the idea behind the movement that Wall Street and giant corporations and capitalism in general are to blame for this current economic crisis, seemed sincere but really didn’t go deep enough.  What I mean by that is Wall Street and big corporations can only play by the laws enacted by Congress.  Business’ are held to certain requirements Congress has created and regulations that Congress has written.  So, in the way that the groups are both working to fight certain “segments”, they are both truly Anti-Big Government.  This sounds curiously like a Ron Paul Endorsement!

The argument that these groups are mutually exclusive is bunk.  We have an obtrusive Wall Street because of the government and we have a growing government because of the beliefs of those in government so why are these movements different?  Occupy would say we are anti capitalism but so is the Dodd Frank Bill.  It is a real fact that the Tea Party wants a limited goverment to create what the Occupy Movement desires-good paying jobs.

When goverment is less burdensome and not prone to favoring itself, it becomes the shadow figure that its people want.  They want no intrusion, they just want freedom.  Growing Governments impede freedom because of their need to consume themselves with their own beliefs and other peoples money and yet, it is capitalism that drives freedom in our world.  Libertarians believe in contracts and contracts, or hand shakes, were and are a vital part of capitalism because it is the exchange of a promise for one thing (a good or service) in exchange for the promise of another (money).  It is this exchange that is the base form of freedom because it doesn’t take a government to create it.

So, in real terms, the Occupy Movement is after the same thing that the Tea Party is after, but they are looking at the same finish line from different sides of the road. 

Just as a center left Democrat and a center right Republican do (a nod to Jim).

So, if I get back to the title of this blog, it becomes readily apparent what I believe needs to happen.  I have long felt that Governor Romney is unique in his moving to the grandest stage of politics because he is the atypical person.  He has tithed, he has done his service, he has created a life for his wife and himself that benefited those who came in touch with him.  His works clearly outshine many if not all the current occupiers of Washington D.C. and yet he is somehow still arguing for entrance.  That should tell everyone all they need to know about the man.  

I have long felt that he has the potential to change the narrative in this country.  That he can be the one who sways, the center left to switch their point of view and all he has to do is continue to present himself for who he is.  Sure, he is going to have to watch what he says in front of the Liberal Media, and yes, he is going to get bludgeoned by the hardcore Left, and yet, that doesn’t matter.  He hasn’t been on TV, he hasn’t done much in the way of allowing himself to be excoriated by the media in ways that would be detrimental.  

He has done the smart thing and has campaigned face to face with people.  Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of his campaign and he has played it right.  It is time to take it up a notch and for him to present himself to all of America by engaging both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movment at the same time. 

It only makes sense.  The key to this election and the success of the future of our country is getting those in the under 30 crowd to realize that President Obama was and is a charlatan.  He has no plan and no regard for those who are trying to break in to the labor force.  If he did, we would see abundant bipartisanship and we have seen none and if that is not proof enough, then those who believe otherwise have already sold their souls.

This country is about differences but it is about being different your own way but all celebrating one flag and one nation.  It is not the Eurozone where countries are tied to others only in an economic sense that does not satisfy the history of each great nation.  But here, in these United States, people believe that freedom works and should be unbridled.  If this were not so then why the backlash against the President from his own Party? 

It is because he does not see it that way.  I may not agree with much that Senator Chuck Schumer stands for but he represents his people the way he feels he needs to, and yet, when it comes to protecting this country and trying sort certain things out, he and I are not far apart-we just see it from a different angle.

Just like Senator Wyden and Congressman Ryan-worlds apart on idealogy but together on entitlement reform.  Just as a marriage depends on it so does this great nation.  It is time to elect someone to oversee the compromise that we all need.


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