A Sad Day In Mudville

On the very same day the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that it was okay to lie as long as one didn’t use that lie to profit, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, struck Casey out.  In a Clintonesque use of English, Chief Justice Roberts gave the President what he wanted by making a call against the Presidents own argument.  The Affordable Health Care Act was never ever to be synonymous with a Tax Hike and the President told us that it wasn’t, but Chief Roberts thought different and called it for what it is, a tax, and entered into law the greatest economic supressor ever. 

As angry and dissappointed as I am now, there has to be one man in out country with a giant ache in his heart and a knife wound in his back.  That man is George W. Bush.

I believe President Bush felt good about his appointees and Samuel Alito has been every bit what we hoped. Roberts had been steady, but today the inner progressive politician came out and he sided with non-Constitutional believer Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who doesn’t respect the document she molds, and literally reworded the health care bill and turned a mandate into a tax. He then sidestepped the same document and rewrote the law for the President.  In one opinion, Chief Justice Roberts threw the President, who nominated him to the Court as Chief Justice, under the largest bus I can ever imagine.  If someone had done this to me there would be sickness in my stomach probably causing me to be physically ill, but President Bush nominated a guy who has taken the Governments biggest leap ever in guiding us to Socialism.  I would like to have a quiet discussion with that dude. 

It is the equivalent of your teacher finishing your assignment for you so you get a passing grade. 

That is called cheating.

The man who sat in front of the Senate and said he would call the balls and strikes as he sees them called a swinging strike three ball four instead. 

The saddest part to this whole story is the fact that the American People found out today that the checks and balances written into the Constitution has become ink on toilet paper by one man in a black robe.  Roe v. Wade, egregious as it is, at least didn’t impact every American in an economic way, to use as a landmark case example, but the government can now officially exert economic control over us through the IRS, even though they were already doing it. 

The Constitution has become toilet paper in the eyes of the Chief Justice. 

It is truly a sad day in Mudville.


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