Dez Bryant Is Just Another On The List

I don’t know any of my friends who deny the talent that Dez Bryant is.  It is unquestioned, but the other day as the news broke of the assault on his mother, a dear fried of mine, and Philadelphia Eagles fan, texted me and asked if I had heard of Dez’s recent run in with the law (one of three since his being drafted by the Cowboys).  Dez’s recent brush is just another in a long line of incidents for NFL players in recent times.  Just this offseason, four Detroit Lion players have had run in’s with the law with CB Aaron Berry getting trouble for the second time.  Seattle Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch was just charged with a DUI.  Jacksonville Jaguar draft pick Justin Blackmon was charged with DUI this spring etc, etc. 

It doesn’t matter what town or what team, there are issues throughout the NFL.  What was once a respected culture has lost control in the last decade and is rapidly spinning out of control.  Dez is just a symptom of a culture allowed to grow because of the money involved.  Professional sports as a whole has gotten out of control, but because it fuels an outlet for our society and brings in so much revenue in terms of TV contracts, gambling and local stakes, it and its players are given a pass. 

If I were to get a DUI driving a company car, I would get fired and then would struggle to get work and yet, Marshawn Lynch gets to go back to his million dollar contract. 
The NFL has become lawless in many ways and the inmates are running the asylum.  Roger Goodell in many ways has just become the middleman for the owners and the NFL arguing his case to get NFL contracts renewed so the owners get paid.

Once again, money talks.


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