Social Commentary Part 1

I remember when my brothers and I were growing up and we lived on street where everyone looked out for each other.  We grew up outside of Charleston, WV and there was a feeling of community amongst all the families that were involved in the Little League, Midget Football, Elementary School basketball and the like and in a time where the problems with the kids was there would be a little drinking and some would smoke some grass.  LOL.  I laugh when I think of those times, but then my head begins to hurt when I consider where we are now as a people.  Division, hate, pushing God out of our lives, pedophiles, and a culture whose government feels that it has become the end all be all of our lives, much like the Divine Right of Kings (oh, I am sorry, do we study that now?) 

We live in a time where respect is non-existent to half and the other half see it as the obedience gained from the point of gun.  We are pathetic as a people now I believe and it is a fall that has been going on for about 20 years or so.  I don’t directly blame Bill Clinton for the malaise, but when it is ok for leader of the free world to seek sexual favors from an intern in the oval office and it gets a pass, we are more than halfway down the slippery slope everyone so loves to cite.  Our teachers’s union is full of communists, the Democratic Party has been radically yanked to the Left by the LBGT and Environmental nuts who seek status over privacy because status leads to power.  Our children, my children! are being taught in schools where they learn to spell by spell check, further relegating them to ignorance in this post modern technological world.  We exist in a Blade Runner type reality without the rain and darkness because the darkness is now between peoples ears.

Back to respect.  Can people just not disagree anymore and find common ground on anything?  The radicals in this country would have you believe that there is no more compromise and the independents, that vaunted class of people who swing elections (sarcasm intended), think all things should happen in the middle and that we should all find agreement on everything.  I am sorry, jerk offs!, but there is no agreement on right or wrong.  If it is wrong, it is wrong.  The problem with this simplistic view is that wrong can be litigated to three shade of a light grey and so we have nothing. 

What kind of country are we?  The President steps in front of the White House press corps and says that his campaign has not called Governor Romner a felony.  Oh sorry, the statement was that he was either intentionally lying or he had willfully committed a felony!  Are you kidding me!  So, the President lied.  That is where we are.  Misdirection, smoke and mirrors and Nero plays his fiddle from the Lincoln Memorial as New Rome burns.  

What kind of country are we now?  We are country who has elected leaders on one side who pass budgets and bills to put people back to work while the other side doesn’t do shit for 3.5 years and then uses its Marxists sympathizers in the media to spill bilge about how it is the other sides fault. How many of you would allow your co-workers to not do their jobs for 3.5 years, collect a paycheck, and then when the boss starts yelling say it was your fault.  Welcome to the Harry Reid led Senate.   Don’t believe me, see if you can get a story off of Fox News or Drudge Report and see if Brian Williams at Rock Central! is carrying the same story.  NO CHANCE. 

Where are we as a country? 

We are lost and the rest of the world knows it.  Don’t believe me?  See how much movement has been made against us militarily in the last four years-Iran’s Defiance, Russian Nuke subs in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands dead along the border and through Mexico and Central America and Afghans killing our soldiers who are training them.  The Eurozone on a bobsled to destruction.  When the German Chancellor is in Canada asking for money there is a serious problem, and yet, ironically, the nation that in ancient times was heralded as the bastion of deep thought and great thinkers, is the tip of the blade that will sink the Eurozone into a painful economic morass. 

Where are we as a country?  We are in a place where God has been so far removed that we cannot let the little things slide and where it has all become about the individual instead of something much greater than the individual. 

We have been intentionally mislead and the intentional miseducation has lead us to this 50-50 proposition where 50 percent cling to sloth and 50 percent carry the sloth on their backs and where a candidate is selected who actually is willing to put himself on the line to fight for what is right-a man who was once heralded by both enemy and friend, is now excoriated in the name of power on the downward slide. 

That is where we are as a country. 

Lost.  I don’t care what side you are on-if we don’t change course, we are all in trouble.


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