What Is Good In All Of Us

Last night at the RNC, those who watched got to go behind the curtain and see up front what Jesus Christ challenged us all to do.  Those who witnessed the many people affected by Mitt Romney throughout their life come on stage last night to speak about the depth of character of the man who is running for President to represent our country this November got to see the real man.  The businessmen and woman he impacted, the Olympians he touched, and two of the many families who he spent countless hours with serving those families in time of need was the finest example of a Christian lived life I have ever seen.  When the mother of the baby girl who was born premature with complications told the story of Governor Romney stroking the little girls back when she was tied to tubes and machines for her life brought tears to my eyes as a father of two girls.  Any parent who was watching understood the depth of that moment, it was for me the strongest moment of the entire convention because it showed the depth of the man who I hope is our next President. 

The many testimonials to Governor Romney’s character were all very powerful, but today’s news highlights the starkest contrast between our current President and the man challenging to replace him.  Early on the wires this morning was the news the President Obama was going to travel to Fort Bliss today and then to Ohio to campaign.  However, what took place over the next couple of hours was a true example of the committment of the two men to the people of this country.  After a campaign send off in Lakeland, Florida, it was announced that Governor Romney would forgo his engagement in Virginia with VP candidate Paul Ryan and would instead fly to Louisiana to meet with Governor Bobby Jindal and then go meet with some first responders who have been dealing with all the distress brought about by Hurricane Isaac.  This we learned from the convention is the man Mitt Romney is. 

It wasn’t but a few hours later that the White House suddenly changed their schedule and the President was going to New Orleans even though it wasn’t on the calendar for him to do so.  He was already scheduled to be Cleveland.  What the White House in their arrogance and condescension do not realize is that they look worse cancelling the event and trying to appear compassionate.  They have since tried to say that New Orleans was on the schedule but the cat was out of the bag. 

I only hope that America has reached the point where it sees through the “optics” of the White House.  The Optics are of course to only create a perception about the President that he actually is concerned about the citizens he governs.  For anyone to stand up and say that he does is lying to themselves because the facts are out.  The President has not lifted a finger to help the people of this country and I believe that everyone knows it.  He is Nero and the golf club is his fiddle.

 What is ever more present now is the arrogance of the Liberal Left.  They will tell you what you want to hear as long as you give them your money to blow on their friends and themselves.  They see themselves as the very people Senator Marco Rubio spoke of last night.  They believe they should be the ones who have status and no one else shouldn’t.  This is not compassion but boldfaced condescension and arrogance.  They don’t care.  Period. 

If they did, then they wouldn’t have passed Obamacare and instead they would have seriously gotten to work about creating bi-partisanship to pass the bills needed to get the country back to work. 

They didn’t and haven’t and won’t.  The Democratic lead Senate has not passed a budget since the President was elected.  The Presidents own budget got no Congressional votes! ZERO.  Why?  Because the Democrats who believe like him didn’t want to be on record voting for this spending because the Super Pac‘s would have had them dead to rights. 

Lucky for us, the people know a shell game when they see it and the Obama Fatigue Index is maxed out. 

The person we need is the person who doesn’t live on optics.  He does what is right when no one is around.  How many times did we hear that growing up?  What do you do when no one is around? 

There is no doubting that Governor Mitt Romney will do whatever it takes to get our country back on the right long term path.  When Black Liberal Democrats take to the stage to proclaim the authenticity of the man, it becomes apparent immediately that the Obama Experiment has gone horribly awry. 

It is time to put up the human chemistry set. 

It is time to put Mitt Romney in the White House because we know he will walk the walk because he represents what is good in all of us.  He is the example we hold up for our kids and the person many of us hope one day to be and, yet,  he has done it his whole adult life.


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