An Unmanaged Situation Begins To Boil Over

Ever managed a poor employee?  Ever worked alongside a poor employee?  Doesn’t come to work, doesn’t do his assignments, says one thing and does another, and that employee, is always the person who tries to incite problems within the crew.  The one always saying how management should be doing this or that and that everything is all wrong.  As a manager, one has to stay engaged with that person, have them constantly being surveyed or through lower management institute a process by which that employee can be brought into line or let go.  Finally, there has to be a process in place so when either end of management changes, there is a system that allows for continuity.  What matters at that point is how that situation is being managed.  We have all seen it at work from one side or the other.  We’ve seen one boss get on top of a situation, make it right, and when he or she leaves the next manager comes in and thinks they can do it better or the situation is so well arranged that they fail to manage it.   

This is the situation in Libya and Eygpt right now.  The Obama Admnisitration has slowly mismanaged, either by choice or fundamental ignorance, the situation that President George W. Bush had helped to shape from 2001 to January 2009.  Was the previous situation perfect? By no means, but it was a situation that was being managed aggressively through constant engagment at high levels.  This is not happening now and to try and say otherwise is not just spin, it is unbridled BS.  The situation has changed so many times in 8 days and what has emerged goes way beyond the pale of mismanagement.  It has entered fully the realm of negligence guided by ignorance. 

The shameful overall problem is that the situation has repeated itself too many times over the past 3.5 years.  Untruths brought forward by a willing media and then corrected over the course of the next two weeks while more untruths are revealed.  What makes this matter worse is that it isn’t just in the Middle East, it is within our borders.  The new CBO report on Obamacare is yet another example of the mass promotion of misdirection to cover the harsh reality of a goverment that is unabashedly extending its tentacles.  What makes matter worse is that many on the Right are complicit in this mess.  It appears sometimes that Congressman Darrell Issa (R-California) and Congressman Jason Chafetz (R-Utah) are two separate Don Quixote’s charging the BS windmill while navigating the media pool sludge at the same time. 

So, we have the ultimate example of poor management in the history of our country that has manifested itself worldwide.  The impact is felt in oil prices, Afghanistan, Iraq, corn pricing, the Justice Department, Libya, Egypt, Russia (with the Presidents comments to former Soviet President Medvedev), Solyndra, and countless others and yet the people who bear the brunt are the ones who go to work and through paying taxes fund this disgrace!  

Two things need to happen.  First, we need a new President and second, everyone in Congress needs to be term limited.  That would be a great first (two) step.


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