Hey Hillary! Watch Out For That Bus

Everyone is talking about last night’s Vice Presidential Debate and how Joe Biden was trying to upstage Congressman Paul Ryan with his constant laughing, interrupting, loud tone and of course, his appeal to voters when he would look in the mirror and say “just use your common sense folks, trust us”.  Those are the same words that 15-year-old boys use to try to get some action.  “It’s ok, trust me baby!”  Yeh ok. 

What doesn’t seem to be the topic of discussion though is the Vice President Joe’s statement that the intelligence agency never told them (he and the President) that there had been requests for additional security for Ambassador Chris Stevens and his contingent at the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  What has come about is the realization that there wasn’t any video rage, any protests before the coordinated attack, but what really took place was a staged assault on the compound with Rocket Propelled Grenades and mortars.  The mortars that killed the two Navy Seals that came to help repel the attack.   

First we saw Susan Rice, then we saw Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State herself come out and accuse the You Tube video for this tragedy. What has been revealed since is a coordinated cover up by the Administration that was fully rebuffed this week by the State Department when they confirmed that the Ambassador had expressed concerns and his concerns were shelved by the Secretary of State.  Well, last night, Joe Biden cut the cord.  After weeks of Administration officials trying to blame this mess on a video instead of coming in from the fog of apologia and coming to the realization that President George W. Bush was right (Axis of Evil stuff) and that people will kill you even though you go out of your way to placate them, Vice President Joe stated in front of 50 million people that he and the President NEVER knew that there were requests for more security. 

So, whose fault is it now? (the video, the protests, intelligence, Romney Ryan?)  Well according to Vice President Joe it is the Intelligence who never got them the word-but there is a problem there.  There are already emails out that the requests had gone up to Hillary Clinton for more security and yet, her employees said the other day under oath that they had received the requests and yet there was no security increase.  HMMM. I wonder what happens next. 

In one statement last night, Vice President Joe cut the chord, threw Hillary under the bus and wrecked any Presidential ambition she had in one statement.  I know Joe “always says what he means” so I guess this is his way of ending the Clinton intrusion into American Politics. 

She is a good patsy for them.  She is not coming back as Secretary of State for a second term should President Obama win but she is severely damaged goods now if she thinks she has some moxie for a 2016 run.


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