I Don’t Think This Is Kansas Anymore

Remember the end of the Wizard of Oz?  Dorothy only had to click on her heels three times and keep repeating “there is no place like home” over and over and she could leave the Emerald City and go back home to Kansas.  Something happened on the Yellow Brick Road over the past 12 years that has severely altered the psyche and dreams of the Emerald City residents.  The seeds of apathy and resent that were sown in the 60’s finally came to fruition as the Congress looked the other way on illegal immigration for years, all the while stripping the black culture of any recognition and using the education system to shape history in the framing they desired.  It all came to a head on November 6, when young and ingnorant America, along with single women over 30, hispanics, blacks and 39 % of whites voted in the affirmative for what they felt was a status quo election.  They were the flagbearers for the Bill of Goods that have been sold to the American public. 

It is both exasperating and mind-boggling that semi-free people would vote for higher gas, higher food, higher electric, higher taxes, higher regulation, more oversight into their lives, a lying government, declining wages and a declining dollar.   I think the reality is that they didn’t vote for that because for them I don’t think they see life this way.  These things are entitlements to them and these are things they now expect to be given to them.  Poverty now is an EBT card with no stigma, vouchers of all kinds for those in need, or for those who want to game they system, and take home pay that is the equivalent of 60% of your last job without having to pay taxes and now with no work requirement.  But all these things are political weapons in the hands of the media and the Left.  Mitt Romney was the rich white man who was going to take it all away they were told and worst of all he was going to take away abortion!

Anyone who was an informed voter knows that this was not true from the start.  It was past disengenous and dishonest and along its way to being retold a million times to those who feared losing their flat screen tv or free cell phone, it became the truth to those who need the safety net.  All the while, the Left carries on denying school choice to parents who know they need desperately to get their kids away from their situation and that choice is their only ticket to a different reality.  No one who escapes those circumstances, regardless of race, and succeeds in life moves back to that situation because they know what it is all about; but those who never get out never know the real difference.  This is where the goverment has been its most sinister in perverting the American way of life.  They have created an environment where this is a total lack of want for any necessities and the end result is slavery of the soul. 

Some think that all they need is the Dream Act and that to oppose that is racist.  What is racist is the government creating a program like that designed not to advance the opportunities of the youth of one culture, but instead to pit races against each other politically so it is advantageous to vote one way. 

This is why I believe Governor Romney campaigned for the soul of America.  Every generation prior to the last 15 years that has moved itself upward did so knowing that if it worked hard, saved, and had faith in themselves they would eventually be able to pass on a better life to their children.  What they didn’t count on was passing on their children a total lack of desire for acheivement because the government instead strove to create equality at all levels.  Anyone who lives to the age of 10 knows there is no equality in the world.  Kids go to school with other kids and see some who are smarter, faster, but all the while not being taught that those same kids they think have more than them face many, if not all, of the same mental, physical, and emotional issues they do.  That is where they are equal but that is not explained to them and so envy becomes the lense of life.  They see the cars, the clothes, the electronics and other material things and think that is what is important in life when none of that could be farther from the truth.

So, where are we now?  I don’t think it is any surprise to any news watcher that the hearings for the Benghazi tragedy were stalled until after the elections.  Now we know that General Petraeus’ was being investigated by the FBI, which means Eric Holder, (and more than likely) the President and many others knew about it and suppressed it along with rising food stamp numbers (over 450,000 more people added since August).  It should also be no surprise that Syria has launched “stray” munitions into the Golan Heights prompting Israel to retaliate.  With “daylight” between the US and Israel, these type of attacks will continue and will become bolder.  China doesn’t face any trade threats or warnings from the United States so they can continue to cheat on a global scale.  Finally, the unions are emboldened after donating heavily to the President’s re-election and our kids continue getting a marginal education with the inner city kids getting really short shrift. These are all things that Governor Romney ran against but not enough people cared to vote for them. 

I don’t think we will ever see the same Kansas again.


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