The Irony of The Salute

It seems that Nationalistic fears in the Eurozone still run deep.  While the Eurozone orders the Republic of Cyprus to seize 10% of all bank accounts to pay off debt, in what is a borderline Fascist move, the Greek Soccer Federation has issued a lifetime ban for AEK player Giorgos Katidis for making a Nazi salute after scoring the go ahead goal in 2-1 win for his team.  Now I understand that Greece has a history with Fascism having been invaded by the Italians in World War II, but this goes beyond the pale.  Freedom of Speech is sacred to a free society, but it seems that these wounds run real deep if the Soccer Federation is willing to smash a 20 year olds future over an arm gesture. 

What will the Greece Soccer Federation say when the Eurozone steps in and asks for 10% of its profits, or for that matter, when the Eurozone asks Greece for 10% of its bank reserves, like it is doing with Cyprus, to pay off its debt to the Eurozone?  I have argued before that the best thing that could happen to Europe is that the Eurozone crash like the Hindenburg (irony intended) so that the European Countries would once again have the freedom to print their own money and control their own destiny.  

A move like this in the United States would create a string of events that I don’t think the government would like to see take place.  Robbing a man of his earnings to pay for the sins of the state brings back the feeling of a monarchy leaning on its citizens and in my mind that is what the Eurozone is all about.  It is a collection of politicians who want to control everyone’s money and thereby control everyone’s actions. 

This is something the United States needs to wake up to.  Our Great and Powerful Congress, continues to chew the common man up in a series of regulations that have nothing to do with what is right, but have everything to do with controlling the people.  Now we have the Department of Homeland Security (great idea that was) buying ammunition to take out of the hands of its citizens. 

I had a worker at Wal Mart the other day tell me that some of the ammunition never makes it to the shelves and that the shipments are sporadic when they come in.  So, what are we to believe of this?  Is the all powerful Oz protecting us from the Wicked Witch or are they deciding that full out autocratic rule is what is best for us peasants.  It is scary to think that many in Congress want us to go the way of the Eurozone and I think many people in our country believe that is a good thing, but when the government picks your pocket, regulates your gas prices (lets not be fooled anymore-supply and demand doesn’t work with state controlled economies) and then says you cannot arm yourself.  We need to watch out. 

Cyprus needs to watch out.

Hopefully some tolerant soccer coach around the world will sign Giorgos Katidis to a contract and resurrect his life.


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