Does Anyone Get Out Of Here Alive

The recent events that have beset our nation in terms of our individual privacy our very troublesome at the very least.  What is more concerning is the slow response of those who have always wanted to be in the loop (the media and political sycophants) that they have been used to move this intrusive agenda forward.  Sure, some on talk radio and the so called conservative side of things have finally enunciated what is taking place right now, but the problem is that the movement has been taking place for a long time and not just from the left.  There has been a slow and methodical squeeze on our individual liberties for a long time and we are at a point in our country’s history where there are just too many people who don’t care anymore or our way too ignorant to understand what is happening to them.  Staggering more so are the companies who have signed on to create this mess only to be subject to the hypocrisy themselves.

Recently, Apple’s top brass was on Capitol Hill answering questions as to why they haven’t paid more in corporate taxes and how dare they not!  The hypocrisy of all this is that Apple is one of the companies involved in this massive Internet information grab along with many other dupes.

There was an article on the web a few months ago that was written from a Soviet citizen who was telling the United States populace not to give up their gun rights because it was and is our last defense as a free people.  Further into the article, the author discussed how the Communists had used trusted people within the military to get a huge chunk of the revolutionaries to lay down their weapons.  The story goes that that the military leaders convinced this large mass to lay down because they were convinced that all would be good.  Surprise, surprise when all the revolutionaries were killed along with military leaders who convinced them that things were going to be fine.

This is a violent example, but the metaphor is very apt when discussing how all these companies comply with the government seeking favor and then are brought to the carpet to explain their actions.  It is ridiculous but will probably only get worse until the people get some stones and demand a real change of circumstances.   How long this takes depends on how soon until their oblivious lifestyles get violently interrupted by the actions of our government.  There will be no change with only 50% of the country arguing for change and the other 50% arguing that things are ok.  That is where we sit today and things slowly get worse.  Wages have not gone up, our government schools are a joke, the major cities are crime laden and everyone bitches and then goes on about their business because life has to go on and the government knows this.

The irony in all this is that the majority of the people making the decisions were the counterculture types of the 60’s fighting against the very thing they have created.  Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.


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