Dear John Part II & III

Congress’ approval is at an all-time low.  The President’s approval is approaching Bush 43’s second term numbers.  The past 20 days the Washington machine has been wrapped up in itself deciding the Debt Limit debacle while most of the government still worked, and the parts of the government that got furloughed waited at home to go back to work and to get their back pay (which they did). 

We have had to listen to the vilification of Senator Ted Cruz because he tried to do what he was elected to (shame on you Ted!), and listen as the press has elevated Chicago style politics as the only adult way to settle political differences.  We also got to watch Harry Reid stonewall the process, and he is a master of that, and we got to see Speaker Boehner try to resist until those in his own caucus forced his hand because they were terrified of the fake polls and what they were saying. 

I have been critical of Speaker Boehner in the past and I am sure I will be in the future but I don’t see his fight inside his caucus as him bowing down to the EXTREME RIGHT of his group and him getting pulled to the right.  If he wanted to throw them under the bus he wouldn’t have risked the media driven damage that some think has resulted.  I am glad they went 16 days and I would have supported another 60 if that is what it would have taken to get somebody up there to pay attention.

The House has passed more bills to repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act than most school kids these days can count and have been putting up a pretty good fight in my opinion; but when they chips were on the table, it was the Senate Republicans who passed the buck.

Senator Cruz has been the bulls-eye for just about everyone in the media and the government, but aside from him and those who stood with him during his quasi-filibuster, very few had the stones to make the stand when it counted.  The Senator was on record stating that he would vote in favor of the motion to proceed but made it abundantly clear that the vote on Cloture on the House bill to defund the Affordable Care Act was the vote that mattered.  That vote has a 60 vote threshold to close debate on an upcoming vote on the floor.  Had the Senate Republicans held firm and voted to deny cloture, then the Democrats would have had to continue debate on the floor and it would have pushed it back in their face.  Most of all, it would have shown Republican Unity and the party’s base would really have been fired up and ready for a fight.

Alas, it didn’t happen and Ted Cruz and House took the beating that shouldn’t have happened.

Meanwhile, down the road there was a gentleman watching all this take place who truly is the man to blame for all this.  That man is Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  Chief Justice Roberts is the only person who could have prevented all this had he only stood on true principle and stood for the person who nominated him to his seat and not cast his vote in favor of the Affordable Care Act.  Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, the Affordable Care Act is law, and thousands of people have been forced out work and many thousands more have been forced to part-time employment.  Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, a 30 hour work week is now the rule and not the exception and we have been  converted to a European work week that will diminish production within our country and ensure that we lose another generation or two to sloth and government sponsored material avarice.  Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, the racial and monetary divide within our country (not the greater DC area though) will continue to widen and only get worse as we go faster and faster down the hill to social decline.  With the Affordable Care Act about to suck all the oxygen out of the room for the rest of us, at least Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t have to worry about being voted out of office or not being invited to all the popular parties in Washington ever again. 

Hey! Maybe he will do us a favor and make his next couple decisions in favor of granting the UN authority over our right to self defense and making sure that the Carbon Taxes are constitutional too!  Gee!  That would be swell-that is unless you have to work for a living.



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